Reveal Vampire Spell for Hide and Seek Quest by CaptainRC
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When I play Skyrim, I have one rule: absolutely NO MURDER!! So you can imagine that it reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally urked me that killing a vampire who was disguised as a common citizen, no matter what I did, still counted as a murder. Fortunately, the UESP Wiki mentioned a workaround, but if you were too far along in the game, any Frenzy spell that you cast on him would be ineffective, so I made this.

The Reveal Vampire Spell!!!

Basically, this spell is an extremely powerful and irresistable version of the Frenzy spell, only made specifically for vampires in general... and the disguised vampires in particular.

It works relatively simple, you scope your vampire target, cast the spell on him, and then...

... watch as everyone around you KILLS THE VAMPIRE FOR YOU!!!

Now, it's best that you cast the spell while hidden, so that any guards or witnesses don't catch you casting it. If you are caught, then you can get a bounty and get confronted by a guard. Should that happen, YIELD IMMEDIATELY. Then you can either inform him that you are a Thane, or pay your fine. Either way, your vampire target is dead and you avoid getting a murder on your record.

On occasion, you might get one that's in a remote area like outside the Old Hroldan Inn. If you get that, then cast the spell on him and let him chase you to a more populated area, or bring a follower and let your follower kill him... or, better yet, call one of your dragon friends to kill him. (Although, I admit, I haven't tested the second and third suggestions yet.)

As for obtaining the spell, you can only get it by buying it from Florentius Baenius after you rescue him.

BTW, this mod requires Dawnguard, of course.

UPDATE: Made the spell non-hostile, so now you can cast it around guards all you want and not get a bounty.