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Formerly just \"Ebony Armor Rigfixes\"

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Author: MadCat221 ([email protected])

Version: 2.2

December 7, 2011

1. Introduction
2. Version History


Upon closer examination, I determined that the skin rigging on the female Ebony Armor... was a mess. There seems to be something wonky going on with the left armpit, the rear skirt cloth seemed to be stuck to the legs, and the top and bottom of the breastplate went in opposite directions.

This mod fixes those to the best of my abilities. The torso parts are better weighted to the Upper Spine bone, the rear skirt is properly weighted to the rear skirt bones (they existed but this mesh's rigger apparently decided to forget about them), and the arms are fixed to the best of my abilities (It's completely lacking weight to the left upper arm twist bone).

I also reduced the size of the pauldrons a bit. Not a fix, just a matter of personal taste.

This mod is fully compatible with whatever armor recolor you use. I prefer the one by Mormacil (, which not only restores the gold trim but also gives the ebony itself a more proper slight brown hue.

UPDATE: This mod now also includes rigfixes for an assortment of other stuff. I'll add more as I go.

Blades F armor changes:
* Made rigging for the breastplate a bit more homogenous in weighting, specifically around the bottom. Widened the waist slightly so it has an actual hourglass figure.
* Fixed some clipping issues around the skirt and pauldrons.
* Made a true proper fix to the texture so the fur belt fluff edges are properly positioned in the alpha channel.
* Added an Official HD Texture fix for the Blades armor (OPTIONAL FILE SEPARATE DOWNLOAD)
* Made the Bladse F Gauntlets fingers properly sized.

Steel F armor fixes:
* Completely homogenized the rigging on the pauldrons for the pauldron'd variant.
* Made the metal breastplate and hip plates more homogenous as well.
* Redid the armpits so the see-thru isn't as bad.
* Made the nordic steel gauntlets have rigging more homogenous on the wrist and palm-back plates.

Steel M Armor Fixes:
* Metal breastplate and hip plates more homogenous in rigging weights.

Steel Plate F fixes:
* Made the whole cuirass part a bit more homogenous in weighting (though it remains a big challenge to do so for the whole torso).
* Made the rigging for the skirt a bit better.
* Made it so the collar didn't have any weight to the head.
* Fixed some clipping issues with the pauldrons.
* Fixed the squirrely armpits (like the Ebony's).
* Fixed the pauldrons so they're a bit more homogenous in weighting.
* Homogenous rigging on the forearm plate so it's actually rigid as steel plate should be.
Iron/Iron Banded F fixes:
* Made the breastplate a bit more homogenous in weighting.
* Fixed clipping issue on Banded Iron's titular band on the back.

Barmaid fixes:
* Made the brassiere a bit more homogenous overall in weight.
* Gave the heavy weight a moderate V-cut for extra cleavage (not a fix, just because :P )

Fine Clothes 02 F fixes:
Resized the bust region to more accurately reflect size. Made it more tightly hug the form all around.

Underwear F fixes (optional, separated from the rest):
* Fixed a clipping issue with the bra back strap.
* Fixed odd rigging fold in the back side of the armpit.
* Fixed visible seams around the waist and butt.
* Cut the waistline on the underwaer part a bit lower (Again just because :P )


Initial Release.

Added rigfixes for Male variant. Added proper weighting to the rear skirt, fixed glaring neck seam issue with the tiny sliver of underbody visible at the neck hole. Re-weighted female pauldrons to Clavicle bones instead of Pauldron bones which appear to be skewed.

Renamed and expanded mod. Added additional mesh fixes: Blades, Steel Plate, Iron, Iron Banded, Barmaid, and Underwear.

Added the Fine Clothes 02 F (the kind that Maven Black-Briar wears). No rigfixes, just made to hug the female form a bit more, instead of looking like a quick "pull out the chest for boob bumps" job from the male version.
Also fixed the polysplosion problem in the optional underwear, as well as most of the clipping. There are a few minor clipping spots left, but I'm tired of fighting with it.

v2.1.1: Repacked the optional underwear files to be in the proper directory.

v2.2 (May 16, 2012)
Redid the blades F armor so it has a more pronounced hourglass figure. Also moved around the bust plates a bit so they're a bit better-shaped. Also did some more rigfixes. Made the Blades F gloves have properly sized fingers. Added Steel (not steelplate) Male meshes with rigfixes. Added Steel Plate F gauntlet rigfixes so the steel plate is... yaknow... actually rigid.