Face Sculpting in a Book by caleb68
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Added: 27/12/2012 - 02:18PM
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Last updated at 15:19, 30 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 14:18, 27 Dec 2012

A simple book you can get at the Riverwood Trader created to allow the player to be able to do face sculpting anywhere. To make it a little more realistic I added a few required items to be able to sculpt. Face Sculpting takes:

1 Set of Torture tools
2 Health Potions
1 Troll Fat
1 Bonemeal

All these items have also been added to the Riverwood Traders Store content, so when his store respawns its items they will all be back in his inventory, they are pretty common items through skyrim though so you'll be able to find them anywhere.

Version 1.0.2 Changes
Added Alternate locations the book can be found rather then buying it.
Radient Raiment on a bookshelf.
Dawnstars Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in the Torture Chamber
The Abandoned Prison on a book self

Version 1.0.3 Changes:
The book will now inform you to why you do not have access to the face sculpting menu, If your a werewolf, vampire or lack the ingredients to perform it.

The book will also let you choose if you want to perform the face sculpting or not, in case of acidental menu clicks and when picking the book up off the ground (sense by default that reads the book).

Vampires and Werewolves also can not use face sculpting, it causes problems with thier race abilities for some reason, so just like the sculptor in the rataway, you can't do it if you are a werewolf or vampire.

Hope some of you find this useful, I needed it so rather then waiting for someone to come out with it, I created it myself.

This Doesn't require any DLC for it, but you should have the latest version of Skyrim installed.

Tested on version of Skyrim

ver 1.0.1 - fixed some spelling, lowered pricing of book to counter merchant markup.
ver 1.0.2 - Added Alternative spots to find book.
ver 1.0.3 - Added Prompts to book.