New Stylish Follower Ashe by AceCypher
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Added: 27/12/2012 - 01:01PM
Updated: 01/01/2013 - 03:20PM

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Two new version has been released, V1.1a and V1.1b
v1.1a version: No require version of the mod
v1.1b version: best For you if you already have univision face

Big thank to lowegule for the match mod combinations ;D ,and also thank for the face/body mod makers.
About the pic> dont see the THUMBNAILS , see the PICS instead ;D (click it)

Add a new pretty and stylish girl as your follower. She good At one handed weapon, essential (cannot be killed), and marriageable.
She is in Bannered mare in whiterun.

Recomandation 1==:> This is some mods to make my mod look better (just a little i think)

1, DIMONIZED UNP female body replace with UNP BLESSED BODY UNPB - With Optional BBP Breast Physics ( i use the UNPB-BBP v2-2 standard Pack Fixed, i dont know what happen if you use the other version)

2, Enhanced Character Edit

3, univision Face

4, Fair Skin Complexion use the "Fair_skin_complexion_for_UNP_UNPB_UNPC_v4_1_Shaved" download the opptional file too 'FSC_for_UNP_v2_Moderate_univision_patch"

5, UNP Delicate

Recomendation 2==:>
Armor Seraphim Armour Skyrim Edition (Standalone ver) like in the pics
Other Follower Lia the Cute Follower (respect for Lowegule)
UFO skyrim UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Thanks to
1. ApachiiSkyHair : apachii
2. DIMONIZED UNP female body : Dimon99
3. UNP BLESSED BODY UNPB - With Optional BBP Breast Physics : calyps
4. Enhanced Character Edit : tktk1
5. Univision face : dd2501
6. Fair Skin Complexion and UNP Delicate : HHaleyy

If you want edit this mod and reupload em, please credit me ok?