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This mod adds enchanted clothes like gloves, boots, hoods or circlets to mages, vampires and chests.

Why have I created this mod?
I like playing as a pure mage, that is, with no armor and using alteration spells. The problem is that there are no gloves or boots for mages (only the Archmage's Boots, I think), so if you don't want to suck, you are forced to enchant your own gear. And I don't like enchanting because I think it's overpowered (due to the 4*25% magicka cost reduction, among other reasons). Also, I feel more rewarding and exciting exploring the world and killing enemies to find new stuff.

What you will find:
In Mages and vampires:
- Boots of resist fire/frost/shock (15% to 70%)
- Gloves of magicka (20 to 70)
- Enchanted circlets
The chances of finding enchanted gloves or boots are 10%.
The chances of finding enchanted circlets are 5%.
In Vigilants of Stendarr:
- More types of hoods
In chests:
- Enchanted boots, gloves and hoods
These items are leveled so, for example, you will not find a pair of Gloves of Peerless Magicka until level 40.


Compatible Mods
This mod will conflict with any mod that alters mages and vampires outfits. But most popular mods (like immersive armors/weapons...) don't alter what mages and vampires wear, so they shouldn't conflict. If you aren't sure, just load my mod later.
100% compatible with SkyRE.
100% compatible with textures and meshes replacers.

Load Order
Place my mod after "Cloaks of Skyrim" and "Winter Is Coming".

v1.3 - Now necromancers have enchanted boots, gloves and circlets too
v1.2 - Boots, gloves and hoods in chests
v1.1.1 - Minor fix
v1.1 - Circlets for mages and vampires. More types of hoods for Vigilants of Stendarr
v1 - Initial release. Gloves and Boots for mages and vampires

No bugs at the moment. Let me know it in the comments if you find something wrong.

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I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive/correct/understand me if I make a mistake ;)