Potions Restore Over Time and No Spamming by zyg0tic
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Please note: There will be no future updates. I have discontinued my support for this mod and ceased my involvement in modding. But if there's a bug or issue you would like to fix, or if you just want to improve it, feel free to edit the mod using the Creation Kit. Also in the discussion you are allowed to advertise mods based on the file, or better mods than these.


All restore potions (health, magicka, stamina) have a 5 second duration, restoring points each second. In addition, no potion spamming because the effects of multiple potions do not stack - drinking 10 heal potions all at once will have the same effect as drinking only one.

I originally made a mod, and other people have done similar mods, where the potions didnt restore instantly, but you have to wait a few seconds. It's like healing-over-time versus instant-heal.

Even without instant heal potions, you can still spam, because the effects stack. If Im about to die and drink 10 heal potions, I'll be back to full health. I'm a notorious potion spammer and needed something to break the habit - that's what this mod does. It eliminates potion spamming. You have to wait 5 seconds for the first potion to run its course before the next potion will be effective.

The restriction is only limited to each of the individual restore types. You can drink health, stamina, and magicka potions at the same time, and they will all work.

Before and after demonstration video:

UPDATES - Version 2 fixes the issue with looted (non-crafted) potions not having the 5 second duration.

If you want to have an animation when drinking a potion check out Manaflow's Potions Animated mod

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