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For those unfamiliar with the previous versions of Viconia DeVir, this mod is not only a port of the Viconia DeVir romance that was part of the game Baldur's Gate II – Shadows of Amn, it's a continuation of the two Oblivion mods.

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READ THE README! I cannot stress this enough. There is a TON more information contained there.
Questions covered in the ReadMe will be referred back to it! It is included in the ZIP file as well as on this page,

There are two variants, one is human looking skin, the other Drow skin. There is also an idle dialog patch, Make sure you use the right one for the skin type you choose.


• A true standalone companion, not based on the generic follower logic in Skyrim.

• The entire mod and all dialog has been revoiced by voice actress Amber Lee Connors. This was a truly epic undertaking. You will hear dialog voiced that has never been voiced before.

• There is now a full “play Viconia as a friend” path. It will go through the entire quest but skip the romance based stages. You can choose either one and her idle, hello and goodbye lines are conditioned based on your choice. NOTE: for this to work you must enter "set aaviconiaromance to 0" in the console.

• Added a summon spell that will summon Viconia if you get separated. Just grab the spell book out of her inventory and read it. It will give you a Summon Viconia spell under your Conjuration spells.

• Many new stages. There is a total of 82 stages now. Many new conversations have been added including her taking about events in Baldur’s Gate II and Oblivion. Many other conversations have been changed.

• Her default outfit is now leather armor. If you wish to give her custom armor it MUST be better than leather. She will no longer appear nude or in her underwear (who’s really complaining LOL)

• There are all new hello, goodbye and idle dialog that is fully voiced as well.

• Viconia will no longer use the immersion breaking game follower dialog. She now has her own voice type which prevents this. She now has all her own command responses to follow, trade, dismiss, wait, etc.

• Added perks to Viconia; Stealth80, Silence and Light Step. Now she won't give you away if you're sneaking and she will not trigger pressure plates or other traps.

• Viconia’s behavior has changed. She will no longer approach and interrupt you. You have to activate/talk to her. Her conversation will change every 24 hours. Because of the way the conversations are done you have to tab out of the end of the conversation. This is a Skyrim bug and there’s nothing I can do about it.


This mod is a port of the Viconia DeVir romance that was part of the game Baldur's Gate II – Shadows of Amn. This was brought into Oblivion and is now "ported" to Skyrim. Porting is not an appropriate term, this mod was redone from scratch because of the changes in the Creation Kit and it took a LOT of effort to do so.

If Viconia DeVir is new to you, are you ready to try and romance a Drow female? If not choose the friendly path. Those new to Viconia or Drow in general should do a google search on her name or on "Drow" to see what you are getting yourself into. I've seen at least one comment wondering why Viconia was so mean to them. If you're asking this question you have no idea what a Drow is.

For those that remember Viconia, this mod has attempted to preserve the original Viconia DeVir romance from BGII with some additions, changes and enhancements, which I feel make it better.