Thalmor Viceroy Inquisitors Clothes -CBBE - TBBP- by Killer Keo
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Get my fur armor here :Fur Huntress Armor

Check out my armor replacer! :Killer Keo's Skimpy CBBE Armor Replacer

----------------------------Requires Most Recent Skyrim Update--------------------------------------

Companion Info At Bottom


This is a New Custom Armor by me using Caliente's Female Body or CBBE Curvy.

Keep in mind this is just a Female armor.

It's almost a Full set with Gloves, Boots, and Body

All items can be made at a tanning rack, under misc.

I hope you enjoy the armor and if you like it please --Endorse--

Videos: Two Vids Showing off my armor
Hodilton Starts as 1:11


Vid by MrKrossFaith Showing my armor

Just unpack and place in Skyrim folder and overwrite the data folder.

Navigate to your Skyrim\Data folder and delete the "ViceroyInquisitor.bsa" and the "ViceroyInquisitor.esp"

If you are having trouble obtaining the armor you can type: Help "Thalmor V" 4 in console and it will tell you the code to get the armor.

I recommend XP32 Max Skeleton when using TBBP LINK

Then just type player.additem xx000D63 1
"--------------------------------" " xx001D8E 1
"--------------------------------" " xx001D92 1

They are currently just clothes but I'll release a Light armor rated version soon.

I will also be adding a Shoulder-less version and fixing some alpha problems later.


Eliana Companion

Eliana is my character turned companion. She is a Hunter like Aela the Huntress. She is located in Whiterun At the Drunken Huntsman.

This in Super Alpha, I'm almost sure it's wont work. File contain a bsa that you may or may not need.

You can try and see if it works with just the BSA

Both Save and Companion requires :
The temptress Race mod :
Pretty Faces Mod :
ApachiiSkyHair :