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Adds a mischievous elf witch follower with a staff of surprises. Ciwen also likes to play dress up. A dozen patch-and-play hairstyles and eyecolor options, make her young, make her old, plus much more. She can surprise you in more ways than one. She's a standalone follower. Levels to infinity. NO MODS REQUIRED .

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What the heck is this mod?
Adds a mischievous elf witch follower with a staff of surprises. Ciwen also likes to play dress up. A dozen patch-and-play hairstyles and eyecolor options, make her young, make her old, plus much more. She can surprise you in more ways than one. NO MODS REQUIRED. Click the IMAGES tab to see. Let's see, what else. Oh! She's built for Legendary and beyond and extensively playtested in that environment. She's fit for purpose.

Location: Northwest of Riverwood. Upon load you will get a quest "Where is Ciwen?" Go into your quest menu and Toggle-ON Miscellaneous then Toggle-ON the Where is Ciwen? quest. Her marker will appear on the map and your compass. I'd hurry to find her. She is in a dire circumstance. Please be carefull.Her situation can kill you.

Background: Ciwen the trickster, high sprirted, egotistical and full of mischievous pranks. Adopted daughter of Ebonarm the Black Knight. His disciple aware of nothingness. Not much of a title but she's pleased with it. She is one of his three chosen. His confidants, a witch to rival witches. She is a problem solver, his assasin. So why is she in Skyrim? I suspect someones story will not have a happy ending. I've heard rumour she seeks the progeny of a god prince. But who could this be? And what of this Staff of Nonsense? This possessed staff with a mind of its own. Where did it come from and where is she going with it? and what is her connection to Agnes? ...more will be revealed of this mischievous witch.

Here is what you get and notes on the tweeks:

Overview: She's a conjuration/destruction wizard that will use magic when at range, staffs when at range. This makes her highly skilled at creating diversions (summon) and also completly turning the tide of multi-opponent battles into your favor (reanimate). If you give her a bow, she will often fall back even further and use it - use this as a tactical advantage in cirtain situations. I'd sum up her combat strategy as defensive/fall back/flank. I heavily playtested during combat style set-up, so, she actually fights like a mage and you will rarely ever see her enter melee. I understand your shock, a follower that's called a mage that actually fights like a mage - sounds crazy, huh?

About this "Staff of Nonsense": Does a random something. Might change a dragon into a bunny or a bandit into a crab yelling taunts at you. Play and see. The staff IS PLAYABLE - if you want her to stop using it, simply remove it from her inventory. WARNING: the exploding chickens can kill you if you are too close when they do their thing, so be careful.

About Ciwen's OPTIONS: OK - before I launch deeper into the technical junk, let me get the eye-candy peice of this out of the way. She has multiple hairstyle, eye color, and freckle options. When you install the main mod you get a non-vanilla default hairstyle, eye color, and freckle pattern (the conservative bun hairstyle w/ glowing yellow eye color and a medium spattering of freckles that blend well with her skin color). Once you get the main mod installed, pick any of the options to change her out. In my head I see a multipage online order form, with a ton of options, boxes to check, this or that, etc. In the long run - this will be Ciwen - the right partner to take out to a fight, both technically and visibly. Have a look! More options planned - tell me what you want! If it is possible, I'll do it. If I can't, I'll tell you why.

About this "Where is Ciwen?" quest: This quest functions as a map marker for Ciwen. Toggle the quest to active and she will show a morker on your map (and on her head actually - ha). Toggle the quest off to turn off the marker. Never lose her again.

Customized Race: slightly modified Epic Elves - only tweek is +100 to burden so she can carry more junk, and Health/Stamina/Magicka start at 100, same as the PC

Customized Class: as she levels up she favors magicka 2 to 1 over health and stamina. She will increase the following skills - Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, One-handed, Archery, Block, Light Armor, Sneak

Customized Combat Style: I'd describe it as defensive/fallback/flank. As for weapons, she favors magic then staves then finally one-handed melee.She will also use bows and shields - she has perks on shields to block arrows, you can really see this difference in Requiem where archers generallly take the bulk of follower mods out with a one-hit kill upon initial encounter - with the way she is set up with a shield, her survival rate is much much higher than normal. Her AI is tweeked to prioritize weapon selection from longest range to shortest range - in that order. You may notice that her weapon selection is heavily influanced by distance from target at start of combat - this means that you can manipulate it and include it in your tactics. In post-legendary mods, I suggest using the bow as a defensive strategy. Although she never gets very good with it, it is her longest range weapon, so its a fantastic way to trick the AI into staying the heck back when the situation calls for it. Use this trick to your tactical advantage. I gave her more than 100 hours of playtesting to finely tune this AI. As a result this analysis in not just assumptions, crazy talk, or wishful thinking.

Customized Build:
- Levels with the player to infinity
- Never nude (Nude patches here - UNP, CBBE, Litheria!)
- Essential
- Marriage possible
- Confidence: Brave
- Morality: No crime
- Health/Stamina/Magicka Offsets: none
- Starting gear: She comes ready to go in a nice balanced way. Her inventory will contain her unique outfit plus some gear randomly selected from the leveled lists for the level you initially find her. Her gear is aligned with her skills. Oh! Plus she'll have that crazy Staff of Nonsense

Offensive: Full spell list from the Conjuration and Destruction disiplines (except Ice Storm is not included), plus she has a Fury spell customized so she will use it perked up to work on undead
Defensive: Defensive spells from Alteration, Mage Light, Self Healing spells

Complete perk set for Conjuration, Destruction and Sneak (no trap triggering)
Partial perk set to support her spells and role for Alteration, Restoration, , Illusion, One-handed, Archery, Block, Light Armor

None, this is stand alone

Highly recommended, but not required:
SIZE DOES MATTER - NPCs do not rescale shrink resize by Mahlzeit88 - please make note of the DLC requirements for using that mod
No Friendly Fire by Phinix - makes followers not get upset over friendly fire - yours or Ciwen's

NOTE: I use no ENB for my screenshots plus I'm not much of a picture taker. I'd love to see what you can do with her. Post your Pics!!!!

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