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Hall Of Dragonborn

Grand and Realistic, Good Locking and Functional, Luxurious and Comfortable, Easy to live. I bet you never found a good house like this.

A mod review by MrBiggen, and a mod review by ThatRPGplayer

A really nice house in Whiterun, just beside Bannered Mare, you and your companions can live a city live there!

It follows my own rules for a good house: NO LOADING DOORS inside, good for companions collecting role play style, and with more than enough weapon displaying equipment, storage, and bookshelves, warm atmosphere, rich merchants inside, and some relax background music.

Main features:
1, a very warm and big enough living room for 10+ companions.
2, two extra bedroom with 12 beds.
3, a master bedroom with mini library inside.
4, conference room with conquests display.
5, fully function crafting area underground.
6, three merchants ready to sell and buy.
7, a maid who will sing songs and play instrument.

In account, that house was equipped with:
  • Load door *0 inside house
  • Mannequins *13
  • Shield and weapon plaque *8
  • Single weapon plaque *9
  • Plaque for 4 daggers *2
  • Special barrel for 6 staff display *2
  • Shield plaque *7
  • Weapon rack * 41
  • Large display case *2
  • Dagger display case *8
  • 10 Dragon Mask display space *1
  • 9 Dragon Claw display space *1
  • Bookshelf book space *242
  • Safe and Strongbox locked *4
  • Chest in big and small size locked *11
  • Alchemy table *1
  • Enchanting table *1
  • Full crafting set *1 (you can make weapon and armor with the ANVIL just like using the forge, no forge inside house.)
  • Merchant *3
  • Maid *1 (sing on request, and play instrument when she feel likes to)
  • Fast Travel from the house is Allowed.
  • Key to the house can be found on the ground outside the house, just next to the door, and below the torch.

*Game Bugs*
Below are some tricks about the game, not my mod's incompetence.

1, Please allow about 20 second for the house to load up, when your first time entry.
As the house have no load door while considerably big in size, it dose require some time for it to loading up, like putting those sword and shield in right place on plaque, and placing some apples on the shelf.

2, Gold in merchant's hand SHALL NOT reach some 35,000. Once merchant's money get over 35,000(or some much near that) they begins not giving out money, that means you sell your things with no money increase.
I made the 3 merchants some more richer than others in game, so you better sell before you buy as it make merchants money keep low.

3, If mannequins floating on air, or not in right place, just put some armor on it and it will go back to correct place ever. If mannequins walks or interact with you like a real people, you will have to update your Skyrim version.

For first time users, Just use the NMM.
If you are updating from older version, please follow steps below.

For Update user
For new user, just use NMM would be fine.
For user update from all older version, please follow steps below:
  • Get your stuffs back from Mannequins and Weapon Plaques.
  • All other things in containers are safe. All companions are safe inside house.
  • Move yourself outside the house.
  • Exit game.
  • Install new version using NMM
  • Get into the game and enjoy.

*info for advanced mod user*
  • from version 2.0 up, this mod contains a new master data file named "_tck_FlexContainers.esm". this esm should be activated as long as you using this mod.
  • in sum, version 2.0 got one .esm and one .esp file, and 22.6MB meshes+scripts+textures files.
  • I have cleaned the mod by TES5Edit before upload, you should not clean this mod any more as TES5Edit will tell you some items remains the same but it was not. you may put this .esp at the last slot of mod loading list with confidence.

change log
  • lighting now tuned down slightly.
  • clutter reduced.
  • nav-mesh modified to avoid companions collide with clutter.
  • Keeper now sleep with others.
  • 4 merchant have their own face now.
  • With no luck, you will have to delete the old file to make those 4 merchant face regenerate.

  • Maid now sings on request, and on sometime she feels like to.
  • Clutter placement redone, to prevent them from falling easily.
  • Road outside the house modified to let guards pass through more easily.

  • Floor underground extended to entertain more companions.
  • More markers added. Your companions will now Lying on column, Reading books, Warming hands nearby fire, and Writing on tables.
  • Store room refined.
  • Clutter refined.

  • Dagger Display cases debug. Now you can place and remove dagger normally.
  • For those who already put your daggers into dagger case, Use console (press ~ in game, then type "tcl" and then press enter, press ~ again) to get back those dagger you already placed in dagger cases. you may need to walk through the wall to get them back.
  • For those new installer and not yet place any dagger in dagger cases, just update and enjoy the game like normal.
  • Mod cleaned with TES5Edit, now this mod is even more stable and safe.
  • Minor changes in clutter.

  • Some special containers added, to store more equipment and for good looking.
  • mannequins reduced for good looking.
  • lighting is now more uneven.
  • some of the clutter changed to static to avoid falling and rolling.
  • clutter added.
  • Basement extended.

  • lighting is now more uneven. looks great with Realistic lighting mod, looks ok with no lighting mods on
  • most mannequins removed as I have no way to due with mannequins bugs. *SO REMOVE YOUR ARMOR B4 UPDATE!!*
  • weapon plaque all redone to remove bugs.*SO REMOVE YOUR WEAPONS B4 UPDATE!!*
  • clutter refined.

I worked WEEKS to make it work like this, but if any mistake found, please let me know and I will then correct it.
And if you like the house, please endorse this mod, it keeps me make more even better mods!

With great thanks and respect, below are those great mod and resources contribute to hall of dragonborn.
  • Flexible Containers v2_0 by TaiChiKid
  • Alchemy Clutter Resource by Blary
  • Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
  • Resources for modders by Runspect

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