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A craftable, improvable standalone and HD texture leather armor set for both CBBEV3 and UNP/UNPB body.Female only.

Permissions and credits
SSE Version with bodyslider by docteur87

Thanks to JohnnySQS for the Skyrim Mods Weekly review.

And thanks to magic22 for the Skyrim Top 5 mods review.

And I wanna thank everybody who give me endorsment/comment/feedback/support/screenshot and review of course . The MOD wont go this far without your help, you are the best! :)

1.4- No more CTD and clipping I hope. "New colour variant" will be released later, still need some polish. ADEC Support.

1.32beta- Fix back clipping and remove all "Joy of perspective" compatible. Rename all the meshe may solve some CTD problem. Need more feedback :(

1.31 - With wtfmanreally's help finally found the CTD problem, I apologize for all the inconvenient, and thanks for all of you, for your tolerant and support. :)

1.3- FIX CTD & glove clipping & strange transparency & turn black when walk close to a light source. compatible with The Joy of Perspective ATTENTION: If you didnt install The Joy of Perspective, your game will CTD. For people who didnt install The Joy of Perspective, download 1.31 please
1.2- Support UNP/UNPB bodyslider, fix some clipping issues
1.1- Support vanilla game version, add modest and dim specular version, optimize skin weight, no more floating skirt.

Problems or requests waiting to be solved

Cloth Version/DLC Vampire leather armor replace version
Various color version.
UNP version has some....immodest problem
Turn black when close light source.
UNP/UNPB bodyslider support
Some clipping issues in first person mode
Transparency issue on the bodice in certain lighting conditions

Dawnguard DLC and 1.8 version
If you do not have Dawnguard DLC, choose "Vanilla" installation.

I love vampire, so I made this vampire leather armor set which is Craftable, improvable,

standalone and HD for both CBBEV3 and UNP body.Female only.

This mod include 2 vampire leather armor(a long skirt version and a short one), 1 glove and

1 boots.

No enchantment, no armor value change, just new models.

Merry christmas and have a nice day.

I see people keep asking about character which. My friend take the screenshot not me, This is her MOD list:
Fairskin UNP
Rans46 CharGen Morph
tktk Enhanced Character Edit
Eyebrows from films
The Eye of Beauty

Hair is from NEWSEA HAIRS, and her final anser of shareing save fils is NO, sorry guys.


1.Extract the archive
2.Copy the contents of the archive in your Skyrim\Data folder
3.Open the Skyrim launcher and check the VampireLeatherArmorSet.esp in the Data Files section

Or let NMM do all the work.

1.Uncheck VampireLeatherArmorSet.esp
2.Delete all files that came with the mod

Thanks to Bethesda for an amazing game
Thanks to The Nexus for hosting this mod
Thanks to Caliente for the CBBE body
Thanks to DIMONIZED for the UNP body
Thanks to calyps for the UNPB body
Thanks to Acdale for the ADEC body
Thanks to Sana Takeda, the author of the comic "drain". All concepts come from her work.
Thanks to docteur87 for the SSE Version

And thanks to my sweet sis who did the screenshot for me, again :)