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Ever wanted to destroy the Thieves Guild like the way you can destroy the Dark Brotherhood. With this mod you can. Now fully compatible with the Dark Brotherhood questline, since Delvin will turn into a ghost upon death and Commander Maro is not the questgiver anymore, now the questgiver is Mjoll the Lioness. Galathil will not attack you unless pro

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Polish by LordTorus

Disband the Thieves Guild (new mod see video below) is Uploaded here.

This is a WIP, made by me. It's based of my other mod Destroy the Thieves Guild and provides a more peaceful (ahem, *cough* brawling *cough*) solution to deal with the Thieves Guild in Riften : instead of killing them all, you can place them behind bars, but you have to do this on your own because the guards have been bribed by Maven Black-Briar.

I will be further improving the WIP - Disband the Thieves Guild before releasing it to the public but you can sign up for a beta by sending me a PM.

To avoid bugs, you need to have the latest patch of Skyrim installed (currently This mod isn't compatible with mods which alters the Thieves Guild questline (even minor changes like TG mods from Kryptopyr). This mod is also incompatible with mods which alters locations like Nightingale Hall, Snow Veil Sanctum, Thieves Guild Ratway and Cistern and the Twilight Sepulcher and quests like TG09, (TG09Post is duplicated, so no incompability here), TGPost, TG00, TG00MiscHandler, TGCrown
Good news, Gopher made a review of this mod :

Thank you, Gopher.

New feature update 1.2.1
If you have already played the Destroy the Thieves Guild quest (so after you have reported back to Mjoll and received a reward), you can still enjoy the new features of the updates by typing this in the console : setstage tgdestroyfailsafe 1. This will make Goldenglow Estate and Mercer Frey's house (shoot the ramp as you normally do in the vanilla quest The Pursuit, side gate remains locked, take the rear gate) accessible, enables Valentina, enables the button on the crypt and enables the Thieves Guild map marker.

I've made a optional update, which allows you to turn off the Odahviing requirement for killing Maven. Use the Destroy the Thieves Guild Configuration power, you get this power at the same time as the reward for Destroying the Thieves Guild, if you have already reported back to Mjoll and don't have this power, use the setstage tgdestroyfailsafe 1 command. Read the ingame EULA carefully before accepting.
Okay, I officially declaring Valentina part (No Stones Unturned) in the BSA version broken. The No Stones Unturned quest is set on stage 20 when you have spoken with Valentina but the No Stones Unturned quest itself doesn't start (even with console codes), since this rules the problem of a faulty script out, I don't have a clue what can cause this problem, it isn't an quest alias fill fail because the BSA version uses the same esp as the loose version : I've tried the loose version and didn't experienced this problem. I recommend people who want to play this part of the mod to download the loose version of this mod.

Download patch 1.2.1, this problem has been fixed (thanks to jet4571).

Version 1.2 released

!!!No ingame requirements for this part of the Destroy the Thieves Guild quest!!!

After you have reported your victory against the Thieves Guild to Mjoll, you can start this part of the quest by going back to Mercer Frey and read his journal (you find it on his dead body). You will be send to Snow Veil Sanctum and you need to fight your way towards the puzzle door of this Sanctum. Normally you can't open this door in the vanilla Skyrim, but with this mod you can (if you have at least 65 lockpick skill and one or more lockpicks) because if Mercer Frey can open this door why can't you do this as well. Karliah will notice you stealing the Skeleton Key alongside Gallus his corpse by the sound you make. She will rush towards you thinking you have killed Gallus, you will be left with a choice either give her Mercer Frey's journal to prove you're innocent or kill the last of the Nightingales. This mod includes the vanilla quests (but duplicated and slightly modified to make them work without Brynjolf alive, don't worry this will not change the vanilla TG questline) Trinity Restored (included in the Hunted by Shadows quest) and Darkness Returns. Including oath scenes and every other scene (thieves guild scene, hallway scene,pre-oath scene, post darkness return scene between Karliah and Gallus). If you complete the Darkness Returns quest, you can live in the Nightingale Hall. As a compensation for not receiving the Nightingale Bow and Nightingale Sword through the TG questline itself, I've added these weapons when you activate the armor stone in the Nightingale Hall.


Version 1.1 released

VERY IMPORTANT : You need to have Odahviing captured before the letter/proof (with which you can confront Maven) becomes available in the Black-Briar Manor's (Maven's) master bedroom (to prevent while negociating the trade Markarth (Stormcloak demand) for Riften (Imperial demand) in Seasons Unending to end up with no jarl at all in Riften), I advice you also to finish the Civil War on the side of the Imperials before killing Maven, people who play the Stormcloak side don't have to worry as Jarl Laila Law-Giver remains the Jarl in Riften.

F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Q: Why do you need to capture Odahviing before the letter becomes visible in Maven bedroom (Black-Briar Manor in Riften)?
A : Because in the quest "the fallen", Jarl Balgruuf can ask you to hold a peace council if you're neutral or didn't conquer eight of the nine holds. This will trigger the quest "season unending" and an exchange between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks will take place. And most times (if not always) it's Markarth for Riften. If you have already killed Maven, you will end up with no jarl at all.

Q: Why does the quest don't end upon receiving the reward for destroying the thieves guild?
A: Because the quest needs to be active if the player reads the letter so it can go to the appropriate stage of the quest and handle Maven's dialogue.

Q: Why do you need to end the civil war on the Imperial side?
A: Because of the same reasons as stated in the first Q&A. But this more of an advice, you still can neglect this advice and kill/exile Maven anyway (because unlike the situation in the first Q&A the letter is visible) but I don't recommend this.

Q: Can you still destroy the thieves guild without meeting these requirements?
A: Yes, you can. These requirements are only for the killing/exiling Maven part of the quest and the first part is independent from the second (but not the other way around).
Ever wanted to destroy the Thieves Guild like the way you can destroy the Dark Brotherhood. With this mod you can. Now fully compatible with the Dark Brotherhood questline, since Delvin will turn into a ghost upon death and Commander Maro is not the questgiver anymore, now the questgiver is Mjoll the Lioness. Galathil will not attack you unless provoked, so she still will be available to change the player's appearance.

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that you can wipe out the dark brotherhood but not the thieves guild. Well I did the whole thieves guild quest (even became the thieves guild master) and the rewards didn't weigh up against the amount of effort I did for this "organisation". I started a new save where I played the good guy, but still I had to do the first quest of the thieves guild to advance in the main quest (the part where you have to know the location of Esbern). It was only later that I find out that you can ask Keerava (the innkeeper of the bee and barb) the whereabouts of Esbern. So I wanted to take revenge on Brynjolf for destroying Brand-Shei and I made this mod.

You can simply start the quest by bashing Brynjolf's face in with a hammer :-P*

*bruce142 does not condone, encourage or support violence or voilent acts in any form or shape against property or persons in real life or against innocent NPC's in the Skyrim game.

Just place the esp and other folder in the data folder and enable it with Skyrim Launcher. Tested compatibility with NMM, no problems so far.


What does it do?
- Adds a new quest where you can kill brynjolf (he's no longer essential and invulnerable) and the thieves guild members before you do any quest for the thieves guild (after the first quest he will become essential again, like Astrid in the Dark Brotherhood, I did this to prevent quest line breakage). The questgiver is Mjoll, just talk to her after you killed Brynjolf
- Adds a new NPC (Valentina the Lioness, can be found like her older sister Mjoll in Riften and after completing the Destroy the Thieves Guild quest) who can start and finish the "No Stone Unturned" unturned quest (you will not recieve the Prowler's profit perk, but 3000 gold instead).

This mod has no relation to this mod ( on Steam Workshop, whatsoever. The mod on Steam Workshop allows you to dismember the Thieves Guild, but you can't kill them like you can in my mod (the people you actually kill with the Steam mod are just copies of the real TG members, with my mod you kill the actual members of the Thieves Guild).

Known issues
- If you kill a Thieves Guild member before talking to Mjoll, the kill will not be registered and the quest will not advance if you have killed the remaining thieves guild members.
- If you use cheats to get into Riften, make sure that you leave Riften at least once because otherwise Mjoll will not follow you (exit and re-enter Riften fixes the problem).
- The guard voice lines aren't that great, did a little bit of copy paste between the Destroy the Dark brotherhood guard dialogue lines and other. I will never get this 100% right without proper voice acting.
- Like Vex you can't have Valentina as follower due the lack of dialogue lines. You can't marry her either.

I would like to thank the following persons for contributing to this mod :

-AndrealphusVIII, for making the PerMa and the SkyRe patches. 
-toaDime, for letting me use his idea of the Stones of Barenziah markers. (view permission notes to see the message where he grants me the permission to use his idea)
-the people who've voted and added suggestions to make this mod even better
-the testers of this final version : FredericJ, coolpro2010, profrgw, Lusifer30, unclejohnsband, myewggs, ... (If I forgot someone, PM me)
-FredericJ, for the screenshots.
-Neonudel, for his version of the Mercer Frey Journal

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