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A new, lore friendly face texture for men.

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After downloading and using Nuskas Real Skin for Women ( texture mod, I felt my men looked somewhat bleak and colorless compared to ladies. So, I decided to give it a go and create a male version that would fit Nuskas mod and make Skyrim inhabitants look more "the part". It is hand painted with some textures used to give it a bit more depth and realism, while keeping the style of Nuskas mod.

This is a diffuse (color) texture, and will not change the shape of your male characters faces. It`s a 2048x2048 compressed DXT5 texture and comes in 2 variants - standard and freckled. It applies to all man and mer races.

A normal map file has been added as well in the optional files section which, by default, applies ONLY TO NORD race. If you want to apply it to other races, you`ll have to do it manually by copying the file in corresponding folders.

Version 1.01

- fixed the texture around eyes. Your guys shouldn`t look like they`re wearing make up any longer

User submitted images are highly welcomed, encouraged and anticipated, as I`m running on a low end computer and can`t create eye-candy screenshots myself.


I made this mod for myself. I like it just fine the way it is, which is why I have NO intention of modifying it and making it compatible with every body mod there is.

If you like it - you`re welcome. I`m glad you do.
If you don`t like it - keep looking, you will surely find something that suits your taste. Good luck.
If you want to give nonconstructive, non-related comments just for the heck of it - go away. You`re NOT helping.

Characters in screenshot use Geonox normal and specular maps. (

PLEASE REMEMBER - Your results will vary depending on which normal and specular maps you use, as well as your ENB settings.