Predators Attack Each Other - Bears wolves sabrecats spiders by zyg0tic
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Please note: There will be no future updates. I have discontinued my support for this mod and ceased my involvement in modding. But if there's a bug or issue you would like to fix, or if you just want to improve it, feel free to edit the mod using the Creation Kit. Also in the discussion you are allowed to advertise mods based on the file, or better mods than these.


I was sick of sabrecats, bears and wolves spawning with each other and not fighting amongst themselves. Seemed silly that bears, wolves, spiders and sabrecats would all be such great friends, instead of competing predators in a fierce battle for survival.

So I made this mod.

It just changes the faction settings with the CreationKit in a few ways, so that the individual factions for each of the predators are enemies with each other.

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