Falasmaryon Mini home mod by Bamfupanda
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Added: 24/12/2012 - 01:17PM
Updated: 10/01/2014 - 05:19PM

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Last updated at 17:19, 10 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 13:17, 24 Dec 2012


This mod is Dedicated to MXR For giving me back the taste to play skyrim and actually start modding it.
This is my first mod, if there's any room for improvement visible, bugs, solutions to bugs and such, feel free to feedback !

I'm currently working on this mod once again, starting from scratch using a few assets I had for the previous mod. Will be updated again soon

-Very lore-friendly: the house has a story by itself, written by it's previous owner, an ex Morag Tong assassin who happened to settle in Skyrim after leaving Solstheim. You can learn a bit about him and Falasmaryon through messages scattered around the cells.

-RELEASED ON the 24th of December 2012 for Christmas. Happy holidays everyone !

PS: I HIGHLY recommend that you use the mod SEXY WHITERUN V3
For this mod, as the walls will look as intended.

-a secondary lobby leading to workrooms, some sort of underwater transparent tube.
-Enchanting workroom: Mephala's plane: a palace made of bones with the shadow of a reaper in the background. May contain different secrets.
-Tsaesci Forge: akaviri style forge with gigantic machineries.
-Poisoner's nook: An old dwemeric train wagon surrounded by a pleasant underground forest with all the plants needed.
-More to come...


-Newermind43 for his Perdition sword model
-Blary for statics, clutters and other meshes.
-reaper9111 for his custom paintings and book covers
-Artisanix for his paintings and frames meshes and textures.
-Oaristys for Modders Resource Pack.