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Have you found the hearthfire\'s content nice, but lacking on storage and displays. Well then this mod is for you it adds two vault\'s and on lost garden haven to the three Hearthfire homes cellars.

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Requires latest patch of skyrim 1.8 or higher.

Have you found the hearthfire's content nice, but lacking on storage and displays. Well then this mod is for you it adds two vault's and on lost garden haven to the three Hearthfire homes cellars.

The Lost gardens of the Pale
Haafingar Dwemer Vault's
Ancient Vault;s of Falkreach

All can be found in the cellar of the homes thru doors placed their. (In two of the homes I had to move the vampire coffin to make room for the doors.)

Just chose a version and enjoy.

2.0 --- I am uploading a alternate version that removes the dwarven vault and treasure to keep the mod more balanced and lore friendly. It will the last update I make to the mod I am focusing on a caste player home mod next to replace castle draco that bethesda broke. I will fix bugs if any tho.

1.0 original mod has been call a little cheat due to large amount of treasure in the one vault.

I have tested it on my level 79 character but his homes were mostly built so let me know if any bugs.

And of Coarse Requires Hearthfire.

Future plans--- Fix any bugs that get reported.

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Credits And Special Thanks.

Special thx Als Treasure Vault by AlCiao for his great vault mod and giving me permission to use in mod. Please endorse his file.
Vlindrel Hall Armory and Forge by Venatoris
Zenith Garden _ Z-en _ by MsChi
LittleBaron, for all the help with the CK and the .nifs provided, thank you!!!

ChickenDownUnder, for the lovely new plant meshes/textures from the modders resource "Harvestables", thank you!!!

Blary, for the food and potion containers and open books used from these modders resources "FoodContainer Resource" and "OpenBooks Resource" and "PotionShelf Resource", thank you!!!!

Conquestus, for all the help with his 27 butterflies, 5 dragonflies, 2 torchbugs, 1 stouter plus the pink lavender and dragon's tongue flora and ingredients for all bugs and both plants, from the mod, "Butterfliegen", thank you very much!!!

Eldiabs, for always answering my stupid questions, and his "Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins" thank you!!!

Tamira and Arion (known on Skyrim Nexus as Ariont50), for cute stuffed teddybears from the modders resource "teddybears", Thank you!

Tonynarko67, for scroll shelves and display cases from the modders resource "Shelf Scrolls" and "Texture DisplayCase Noble and Dwemer", Thank you!

DarkRider, for the lovely paintings from the modders resource "Celtic Decor for Skyrim I", Thank you!

PrivateEye, for the weapon meshes from the mods "BiPolar Blade - a Morrowind artifact", "The Fork of Horripilation" and "Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer"

Oaristys, for all the awesome meshes from the modders resource "Modders Resource Pack", thank you!

mattcm919, for the telescope from the mod "The Asteria", thank you!

Artisanix, for the in-game paintings from the modders resource "Paintings and Frames", thank you!

Thank you very much Sjors Boomschors for the fish models set up in a nice package to download on the nexus. and http://oblivion.nexu...le.php?id=25743
And Thank you very much Blitz54 fir converting the meshes/textures to Skyrim