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Last updated at 17:47, 17 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 1:43, 7 Dec 2011

It's a little mod i originally had made for myself, but i liked the results so i thought i should share it.
For now its based on Wolfmark's tool, but i have plans to expand it.
This will mess up the intro sequence of helgen, so i recommend loading this after helgen.

What it does:

Increases walk speed and decreases run speed, while increasing the sprinting speed.
Increases the horse's Walk, run and sprint a lot to make travelling without fast travel bareable.
Increases sneaking walk speed, and decreases sneaking run speed by a little bit.
The werewolf walk/run/sprint is a a little higher than the human.
Matches NPCs Walk and Run speed (thanks to wolfmark's)
For more details, check the image section



-Vanilla's walk speed is ridiculously slow. It is unbareable and by increasing it will add the possibility of use and immersion.
-Changing the running speed from 370 to 325 will eliminate that feeling that you are rushing the game. You won't be able to outrun traps and your Jumping distance will be lowered as well.
-Horse's were too slow, in my opinion. By setting it to a higher value, it allows you to travel without using fast travel and still make it enjoyable.


Future Plans:

-I also intend to tweak the sneaking animation, as i think it is kind of silly. I want to make it look something like Assassin's Creed and The Witcher 2, where the player is actually standing up, but just crouching a little bit. I would make the Crouching speed the same as the Walking Speed.



-Automatically: Use the Nexus Mod Manager.
-Manually: Open the .zip file and extract the esp to your Skyrim Installation's Data folder. Like this: "steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data" and uninstall it by deleting the .esp. Don't forget to activate it in the launcher.