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Give Skyrim the famous Weapon and armor degradation back, inckuding repairing !

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publication day: 22/12/2012
Mod created by Marcoousik for skyrim.
Version 1.52
part of project "Skyrim Usury"


Welcome in the true world of skyrim, with no infinity anymore..
Back to usury, that's the intention of this mod..

This Mod allows Weapons and Armors Degradation like in Oblivion, but with more features !!
This Mod is COMPATIBLE WITH all weapons and armors from others mods, letting them degrade and be repaired !!
I you should encounter problems or bugs, please write a comment !
If you like, just endorse it, thx.


Instalation and start:

- download the mod
(two files: .esp + .bsa)

- Place the file degradation.esp in repertory \skyrim\data

- activr the mod in launcher.

- REQUIRE SKSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Launch the game from skse_loader.exe (v. actuelle)



- Sélect in menu the ring "ITEM DEGRADE" with option "No" degradation. Wait few seconds.
- make a save.
- Quit the game and unselect the files Degradation.esp (repertory data)
- launch the game, load your save with no degradation
- ATTENTION: ONLY ITEMS (weapons & armors) tagged "[unknown]" WILL STILL BE NI INVENTORY AFTER THE DESINSTALLATION OF MOD !! (And unique items too)


*** Serie USURY ***
The mods of serie "USURE" are trying to give to Skyrim from Elder Scrolls, the minimum of constraints that is needed by the game not to be boring but challenging !!
As I tryed Skyrim for the first time, I found the game to tidy, to polished, to easy: At level 30, possessing all the horses, all the same (except color !), all the full houses of all the towns, my own coffers full with 30.000 gold. Antic Skelettons with just new weapons and new armors, followers who are giving their lifes for you because you gave a letter to somebody..
That just horribly ridiculous !

Just enjoy this mod which is changing little bit of this.

Version history:

Version 1.0
Version 1.1 : Fix a bug by the sum of all armor Rating wrote in your inventory.
Version 1.2: Fix the apparition of magic effect + clean the scripts for uninstalling
Version 1.3: Mod now compatible with races from others mods !
Mod cleaned + Tutorial Forge now playable !
part of project "Skyrim: Usury and others uses."
Version 1.4: Now compatible for degrade + repair items from others mods !!
Version 1.51:
- Bug now corrected about integration of others mods items, if you had problems, now try this version !
- Degrade now depends on weight and material: The most is the material expensive, the more is the item resistant to degrade !
Version 1.52:
Bug corrected + 4 speeds degradation mode to select with the ring.

- At the end of the intro, escaping from Helgen, you will find in your inventory a ring named "item degrade". Equip this ring to acceed to a mode menu to select the mode of degradation you want.
Dégradation with 4 speeds to choice, according to the difficulty with yo play the game or your preference.
You can too desactive the degradation completely.

- Your items will degrade:
-> a daily dégradation of wear use.
-> An intensiv fight use.

Items are more or less solid according to the weight and their material !

- Réparation at wheel for the weapons, or bench for armors, in forge.
-> according to your abilitis in forge, you'll need to pay gold for his help...

- On the aventure, equip a hammer to repair (just like in oblivion..)
Hammers are sold by merchants. You can too build some in forge if you have ability steel-forge.
Your hammer can break, according to your forge ability.

- All the réparation cost ingots. (1 ingot for 1 item)

- No réparation while fighting.

- Repairing at forge will increase your skill blacksmith, but not the reparation with hammer !

- You can repair your self-enchanted items without to have the competence blacksmith arcane.
But for original magic items you will need to pay at the forge or have the ability magic blacksmith.

- The weapons are now tagged with [new] or [unknown]:

-> items [unknown] are found in the world, on bandits, in coffers..
You can reveal them by just equipping them. This add much in realism: No new weapon on skelett !
You can't sell or enchant item tagged "new" or "unknown" You have to reveal it first.

-> Items [new] are those built in the forge, or sold by merchants (but not only).

- For every item type (example: "Iron sword of fire"), "only" 3 copies are playable in the inventory of each type, at the same time.
You will not be able to reveal the fourth item of the same type before you remove one of the first 3 ones from your inventory.
(this limit is for modding reasons)
This no big inconvenance.

- This is just statistik degradation !! No graphism spectacle !
Mod compatible with items from others mods


- No bug known at this time. But all this have to be tested...
A mistake can maybe occure despite good programation, sorry.

- known: a few time is required to cast the menu at the wheel and bench and hammer.
Please wait little bit.
Just like by equipping a tagged item "neuf" or "inconnnu", a few time is needed before the revealed item is added to your inventory.


- À Bethesda + creation kit + skyrim + wiki.
- À la confrérie des traducteurs.
- For those how enjoys and find and tell me bugs !


- You can manipulate this mod like you want but tell my name by publication others mods inpired from this one thx