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Thanks to an INI setting added to SKSE 1.6.6 it is now possible to use HD (2048x2048) Warpaint applied to your character rather than being limited to the Vanilla Resolution (256x256). To allow that you MUST have SKSE installed and you should add these lines to your SKSE.INI:


Note: Prior to the introduction of this SKSE settings, no matter how big the texture were, the game downscaled them to vanilla resolution at 256x256. This setting though, while allowing for higher resolution warpaints will cause low resolution textures to look worse due to upscaling!

For many things I tend to be a lore-maniac and since TES III - Morrowind I have been naming my characters with lore-correct names and surnames taken from the game itself, so I thought, since my character is the Dragonborn therefor a chosen one there should be a way to distinguish himself/herself from everyone else, hence the idea of a warpaint representing the initial of my character's first name on his face (in my case "N" or "Neth" as in "Niluva Verendas"). This mod is a texture replacer of the 10 default warpaints with 26 Daedric Letters. I am no professional graphic and it took me around 5 hours in GIMP2 to modify the textures and center all the 26 letters on the character's face to my liking.

If you are a true lore-maniac and want to name your character with a lore-friendly name, check out these webpages broke down by race:


High Elves (Altmeri)
Wood Elves (Bosmeri)
Dark Elves (Dunmeri)


Lore about Daedric Alphabet

If you happen to like my mod, aside from the usual comment and endorse please, it would be nice if you could upload a picture of your character sporting the daedric letter warpaint of your choice

• 26 New Daedric Letters Warpaints carefully handplaced available in HD and Vanilla Resolution.
• Does NOT replace any Vanilla Warpaint (Standalone Version)
• Full Support for every Warpaint Colors* (Replacer Version)
• Full Interchangeability, pick one, pick a few, pick all. (Replacer Version)
• Both Male and Female versions available.
• Manually handcrafted textures complete with Mipmaps.
• Races Supported: All Humans, All Elves, Orcs, Khajiit and Argonians*

- Initial release.
- Added Standalone / NON Replacer Version.
- Reworked placement of male textures, they are now all centered (except some which I left them on the side by design).
- Added Beast Races (Argonians and Khajiit)*
- Added HD version (2048x2048)
- Fixed Mounted Combat Bug by adding 1.8 Update as dependancy and correcting related records.

There are two versions of this mod:

Option 1 - Texture Replacer, you can install a full serie of 10 letters or just pick the letter you want, which will replace the default vanilla warpaint.

Option 2 - Standalone Version, it adds the whole 26 daedric letters to every race.

* Due to the very peculiar face textures of beast races some letters works as intended and some others a bit less, take that into consideration since the mod originally was NOT meant to be used by beast races but I added it on request of a user.

Don't get fooled by the small size of the files, they are heavily compressed and optimized. Especially the HD version, once uncompressed it will amount to around 140 MB. I don't have to tell you that if you want to get the warpaint while in game you'll have to use the dreaded "showracemenu" command, I advise you though to use it in an interior cell or if in an exterior, choose a location which is not too crowded (e.g. avoid Whiterun) otherwise "showracemenu" may CTD you.

If you do use the Replacer Version colors will apply to any warpaints.
If you do use the Standalone Version choose a vanilla warpaint, and pick a color. Then pick the Daedric Letter Warpaint you intend to use, and it will be whatever color you just chose for the vanilla warpaint. Alternatively, do use RaceMenu mod

Option 1 - (Vanilla Texture Replacer)
1. Download the Replacer version, manually.
2. Choose the letter you want to go to replace a vanilla warpaint. "F" stands for Female and "M" stands for male, rest of the name is self-explanatory.
3. Put the desired letter in \Data\textures\actors\character\Character assets\tintmasks\ and rename the file in or

Option 2 - (Standalone BSA Version)
1. Download the file and put it into your \Data folder or do it through a mod manager.

Version Texture Replacer : It will conflict with any mod which replaces the same textures of course.
Version Standalone : It may conflict with mods that alter vanilla races.

Vanilla Resolution : None
HD Resolution : SKSE 1.6.6

[Daedric Letters and Texture Number]

First Pack (A-J)

01 - A - Ayem
02 - B - Bedt
03 - C - Cess
04 - D - Doht
05 - E - Ekem
06 - F - Hefhed
07 - G - Geth
08 - H - Hekem
09 - I - Iya
10 - J - Jeb

Second Pack (K-T)

01 - K - Khot
02 - L - Lyr
03 - M - Meht
04 - N - Neht
05 - O - Oht
06 - P - Payem
07 - Q - Quam
08 - R - Roht
09 - S - Seht
10 - T - Tayem

Third Pack (U-Z)

01 - Y - Yoodt
02 - V - Vehk
03 - W - Web
04 - X - Xayah
05 - Y - Yahkem
06 - Z - Zyr

You are permitted to use these files in your mod as long as you send me a message to ask for permission and you credit me for use of my files.

The SKSE Team.
PieLighter for helping fixing the Mounted Combat Issue

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

Spell - Brilliance
Colored Nails
Enhanced Lydia
Magistrate Eyes
Improved Soultrap
Daedric Letters Warpaints
Merchant Stock Respawn Fix
Spell - Levitate

Female Face Tattoo Warpaint by TairenSoul
Male Face Tattoo Warpaint by TairenSoul

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