Night Eyes by Manshima
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A New spell from the Illusion school that mimics the Khajit Night Eyes lesser power

Language : English
Requirements : None

* Story *
While trudging around in a dungeon with low light I got tired of constantly casting Candlelight, and the uneven lighting it provided. I checked for a mod that added a night vision spell like there was in Morrowind and Oblivion, but the only things I found were huge spell packs, and I just wanted this one spell. After figuring out how to create a new spell from an existing spell effect and then make a book that taught that spell, I tested it on my Nord and it worked great. I how that you enjoy this mod.

* Installation *
Download with Nexus Mod Manager
Download the .rar file, unpack it and the files into your Skyrim/Data folder, then check it
in the game launcher menu (Data Files).

Drevis Neloren in Winterholm College sells the Spell.

* Uninstall *
Uncheck or delete the .esp file.

* Details *
Copied from the Khajit lesser power Night Eyes.

* Bugs *
I am far from perfect, so something could be missed of course. I will gladly take care about your reports and constructive criticism.

* If you like *
Endorsements are welcome indeed, do not forget to vote! Thanx in advance.