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adds a few NPCs including Guards, Followers, Lovers, Steward, Bard, and a Dragon to the Lakeview Manor

Permissions and credits
New Version 1.4 is up, see Changelog for details


The goal of this mod is to add some more life to the Lakeview Manor Exterior.

This Mod adds a Dragon, which guards your estate and will attack your enemies.
There are also four main guards (Dayshift and Nightshift) which will guard you estate.
A Personal Guard called "Selfur" will guard your interior and can be recruited as follower.
To have a better view, some trees were deactivated

To make it easier to build your home, there is also a merchant near the stables, where you can buy (most) of the needed
materials to build your home. If you don't have any money left, don't worry, there are some hidden "Money sources" which should help you out.

There are also additional NPCs in the Inn between Pinewatch and your Manor, some of them can be used as follower.

You can find more Details about the characters at

NEW since version 1.4: an installer was added, which let you decide to install optional files:

Optional Files are:
Bandits: They spawn after every cell reset (31 gamedays, without you entering the cell), this extra is meant to add some action to your manor.
Goldshower: After every cell reset, it will be raining coin purses. You have to find them on your plot of land.

All necessary files are included in version 1.4 and can be selected during installation.


1. Download and Install with Nexus Mod Manager - and select additional files (if you want to).

NOT Recommended
1. Download the file
2. Extract the files (using winzip, winrar, 7zip,...)
3. move/copy the content of the folder "00_FCOLVMLightMain" into your Skyrim-Data directory
4. (Optional) move the content of the other folders into your Skyrim-Data directory (if you want to use them)
5. check the load order, First: FCOLVMLight.esp, Second: FCOLVMThiefs.esp, Third: FCOLVMGoldshower

Thanks for your Feedback! - Suggestions and Feedback are ALWAYS Welcome!
I have many ideas for this mod, many ideas to add in the future. There were also many great suggestions from you.
There is much more stuff I would love to add (I have a personal giant 2do list), but unfortunatley I am a noob when it comes to scripting, quests, conditions etc.
What I want to say is: Some suggestions and feedback from you require knowledge that I currently don't have.
So don't be angry, if I "reject" a suggestion, it's not your fault, it's mine. ;)
(Of course I will continue to learn new stuff, but that will take some time, and I'd rather do stuff which I already know or is easy to learn, before I mess up the whole mod with something more complex like scripting)


Q: Are there any special Requirements for this mod?
A: Yes, you need the DLC "Hearthfire"

Q: I don't have the house built yet, has it any influence?
A: Not really, the NPC's etc. are there and are already guarding your plot ;)

Q: I can't buy Lumber from the Merchant
A: Lumber still needs to be bought from your steward, or a sawmill near you.

Q: The dragon sometimes has weird animations or gets stuck
A: Since I haven't changed any animations at all, this is not a bug within the mod, but a general bug with the game.
But don't worry, if the dragon stucks, he usually respawns either when you leave/re-enter the place, or when new enemies spawn.

Q: The Dragon Guard disappears
A: That isn't a mod issue at all, it seems that dragon NPC's vanish sometimes.
Since 1.3 I've edited the AI Package, to avoid that, but I can't guarantee that it will help.
However, there are some workarounds which can help:

WA#1: Leave the area (do some quests for some days), he might come back again

WA#2: open the console (be sure to be outside of your house!), type help "dragon guard", to get the Dragon's ID, type player.placeatme <ID> 1 - this will place "a copy" of the same dragon to your house

WA#3: disable the mod, open the game, SAVE the game, enable the mod again, load the previous saved SAVEfile

These are some ways to get the dragon back, however, there is no guarantee that the dragon will stay.
There is nothing else I can do, it seems dragons are not meant to be used as a pet. :(

Q: I bought everything the merchant had, when is the next shipment?
A: It's the same delay as for vanilla merchants: about 24-48 hours later, you can buy again.

Q: Is it possible to ride the dragon?
A: Yes, but you need the DLC "Dragonborn" enabled, and you have to finish the mission where you ride the dragon the first time.
After the mentioned mission you learn the shout "Bend, Will", use this shout on the dragon guard.

Q: Will you make this mod also available for the other manors in "Hearthfire"
A: Probably, but there are currently no plans for that, only time will tell.

More Informations are available at

Changelog can be found in the Readme, or on Skyrim Nexus