Dragon Knight Helmet-Alternate- STANDALONE by hideouscircus
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Really isn't too much to say here ....... I loved Hothtrooper44's Dragon Knight Armor, however wasn't too keen on the helmet like many people. So I set out to try to set up something for myself.

The helmet matches the Dragon Knight Armor and has the same stats and requirements to craft as the original helmet. This mod does not replace the original, it adds a new helm. I haven't set it up as a replacer for one simple reason. I haven't got the beast versions even close to being finished. Right now the helmet works best on human characters, dark elves, and high elves and should work for females and males. I've noticed face clipping on the face mask with the wood elf race, so it is possible there are some more bugs with the elven races to work out. As for Orcs, Khajits, and Argonians, I've set up a retextured dragonscale version which is open faced. (If someone wants to volunteer to prune up a beast version of the steel plate helm I'd greatly appreciate it, and gladly implement it.)

- Drag and Drop the esp and meshes/textures folders into your games DATA folder
- Activate the esp

- Delete the Ebon Drake Alt Helm folder from the games meshes\armor folder
- Delete the Ebon Drake Helm Replacer folder from the games textures\armor folder