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Added: 19/12/2012 - 12:53AM
Updated: 07/02/2013 - 09:42PM

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Last updated at 21:42, 7 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 0:53, 19 Dec 2012

This mod is currently a work in progress.

Pretty much an attempt to make the fight against Tullius or Ulfric harder. Currently this mod
- increases the level and stats of Tullius, Rikke, Ulfric and Galamar
-increases tullius's armor
- give Ulfric the ability to use several shouts
- gives Tullius and Rikke some healing spells
- adds my other mod imperial dragon armor(plan on using this later for extra NPC's so decided to just include the whole mod).
-added bodyguards
-gave rikke, ulfric, tullius and galmar new weapons

-Update version 1.01
fixed game breaking bug where bodyguards attacked prematurely and break the scene.

-added imperial dragon armor to rikke
-retextured tullius' armor(not 100% finished but figured it looked well enough to upload. Needs to be a bit more metallic though.)
-gave ulfric and galmar a improved version of steel plate as placeholders until I can think of something better(open for suggestions).
-think I might have fixed the body mod conflict. Was having some issues but they seemed to clear up, tell me if you're having any.

*Update 1.03*-
-added bear helmets from call of the north revisted by Foxia and Guardian300
-added two handed imperial dragon sword
-gave tullius, rikke, galmar, and ulfric conditioning and matching set perks
-made wounded soilders in camps neutral.
-removed essential tags from all stormcloak and imperial camp and city generals.
-changed stormcloak housecarl to stormcloak thane
-gave the imperial dragon knights and stormcloak thanes unique name and faces. If your really good with the face editor and want to donate a face to replace one of the current ones your more than welcome to.

-added stormcloak armors, still a WIP however.
-toughed up all the generals as well as made tullius and ulfric duel wielders.

*Future plans*-
-Add a new stormcloak armor in a similar concept to the imperial dragon armor.
-make the armors rewards at the end of the civil war.
-want to add a quest later on given by ulfric or tullius to kill the remaining generals.
-more improvements to the general civil war.

- Foxia for the call of the north revisted helmets
-Guardian300 for the call of the north revisted helmets
-everyone who's given me good feedback, ideas and suggestions.