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Thnx for sharing your pics ProfPriday. They're awesome.

---What's new ?
-New enemies. The Uruk hai. Fearsome warriors. About 160 npcs all over sykrim. Prepare for ambushes and strong battles.
-New Uruk hai Armor and weapons: Stand alone Full armor, weapons , shield...
-Uruk hai classes: Soldier, Dual wield warrior, Chief Commander, Archer , Crossbow...
-New companions: Aragorn (optional). Throldur, the elf( near windhelm stables). Elewyr, epic archer companion(saarthal), Thorin Oakenshield (optional), Beomir the Brave Dwarf ( near whiterun stables)
-Small Battlefronts: Youll find elves fighting uruks around.
-New Races: Elf LOTR inspired Playable Race, and the Dwarf Race LOTR inspired.
-NEW BOSSES: The Witch King ( incorporated main file ) , Azog the Pale (optional file section)
-New ARMORS: Uruks cuirass, different helmets, sword and shield. Witch king armor and helmet.Thorin oakenshield cuirass. ALL OF THEM PLAYABLE AND STAND ALONE

Dawgnuard DLC
Skyrim Last Update
* In order to make it work properly you should put the esp mod file the first of your load order!

RECOMMENDED ( not required anymore with update 1 )
LOTR Weather Top Location
Nouserheres Ears For visual elf npc improvement
Compatibility: compatible with any other mods as far as i know

Prepare For War

*Consider to endorse if you enjoy it :)

Requirements: Version 1 None. This is Stand Alone / Version 2: Read below

-Where do you find him ? He is at Riverwood Inn, waiting for you.
-Stats ? You'll find him at lvl 20. He will raise in lvl with you till 81.
-Abilities? Fearsome warrior, skilled at all kinds of warrior type stuff.

*Credits to burninheaven for givin me the chance to use his custom Aragorn armor :)
Aragorn Ranger Armor
*Credits to haldir 307 for givin me the chance to use his custom Royal Armor. IT IS REQUIRED
so go here to download it FIRST, then install my ESP file ^^
Aragorn Royal Armor

Added Azog the Pale as a boss.
Located near Falkreath.
Strong boss, but as always the reward is worth the challenge.

This adds two major things !!

1 _ Custom Thorin's armor stand alone
2_ Completely armored Thorin Oakenshield companion

--- Stats and abilities ? You'll find him at lvl 20. Raise in lvl with you till 81

- Strong and brave warrior. The king under the mountain !!!
- Go Slay dragons with him ! You wont be disappointed with his strengh and courage

--- Where do I find him ? Near Riverwood's Bridge

Apachi Hair latest version
Skyrim Last Update

--- How Do I obtain the armor ? You just need to trade things with Thorin, he will give you the armor for you to enjoy :) Don't panic, he is a wise man, he wears two armor sets just in case you need one !!!!

*Credits to lordturgon for his awesome retexture ^^
*Credits to Nexus Site for having such a strong build community
*Credits to Bethesda for creating the best game ever

Gondor Soldiers are here to help
I have added a main camp near Ivarstead.
What is in there? There are 5 gondor fearsome warriors. You can make them followers, all of them.
Theyr skilled at all kinds of warrior type stuff, but they like to wear heavy armor instead of light.
They will grow in lvl as you do, so they are intended to be with you till the end!
You just need to install this Fountain Guard Armor and overwrite everything if asked.
*Credits to maty743 for the guard armor
*Not issues find, not compatibilty issues find either.
*Report me any issues if you find

"The Elves are the first children of Eru, The One, whom they called Iluvatar.They can be killed by violence or by wasting away and losing the will to live, they are otherwise essentially immortal.
They have far better vision and hearing than Men. They also have skills and abilities far greater than that of Men, although whether this is an innate quality or is the result of long experience after having lived so long, is not known"

-What's New ?
A new playable stand alone race.
They are way more humanoid looking, handsome, beautiful...
But, inspired with LOTR, this elves are fearless warriors.

-Bonuses at archery, one handed, light armor, and enchanting
-Racial abilities? Command Animals.

This is comptaible with ANY other mod. Ive been using mods like calientes, unp, fine face textures for men, better females,better males,etc...All of them are compatible.

- It would be awesome if you share your pics and/or ideas with us :)
- My pics are just presets, you can make a loooot way improvement ^^ !!

I have added two Dead Soldiers as followers. They have the green ghost color from the LOTR movies. Theyre as strong as they look.
Optional file located at optional files section ! ^^

Added the Dwarf Race
Stats and abilities :
Health + 10
Two handed 10 bonus
One handed 10 bonus
Smithing 15 bonus
Heavy armor 10 bonus
Carry weight 350

*Dwarven rage
*Dwarven resist cold
Optional file section
Works perfectly with mod "beards" which I recommend you to use if you plan to play as a dwarf ^^


Amazing shot by StrangeFate - "monster wars guard vs real monsters"

Pic from StrangeFate - Thnx for your awesome shots !! "ready to go down fighting"

*Full Credit to mandarinn for his awesome uruk hai helmet, sword,shield AND ARMOR - Your are awesome !!
Uruk hai Helmets
Uruk Shield
Uruk Sword
Uruk Armor

*Full Credit to Sergeynest for his awesome Saruman Tower Model. If you want to enjoy the full experience ( with full acces to the tower) go for it at link related
Saruman Tower by Sergeynest
*Credit to Bethesda for creating the best game ever
*Credit to Nexus Site for having such a strong build community
*Full Credit to Legion675 for the amazing Witch King Helmet Witch King Helmet
*Full Credit to Airbone8254 for his awesome weather top location
Weather Top LOTR

-----I want to specially thnk Sadorimatsu for all his help and fortranslating completely this mod into Russian. He also uploaded it to this Russian web so its starting to spread around !! Awesomeee ^^
ModGames Russian translation site-----

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-Add Saruman as the final boss