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  • Big Changes

    A user just recently came forward informing me that of late, Frostfall has some new features that have to be implemented in all the mods I made with exterior pools and/or battubs.

    Meaning I have to insert these special markers -- CampfireHeatsourceOverrideWarm -- according to the latest manual to Frostfall in order to prevent odd bugs and catastrophic problems to the player using that immersion mod and the pools.

    So it's going to take much of the weekend editing then updating each of them, then porting over to SSE and XB1, and I'll be needing your patience for a while as I do make the hard changes. ...

  • Happy Holidays... and please support Modpicker. :)

    On behalf of other modders, may I salute you all with a toast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D...

  • Development is Underway

    Starting today this mod and other Pools are being rebuilt for both performance and improved aesthetics, so that they'll be using some new features previously available only in Avant Garden. Of course, I'll try to port the Pool mods to SSE. 

    In addition, I am disallowing Ac3s and Reynard from further use of this mod, and instead I am concentrating on creating a more original design. From this point onward I will make it a point to screen people who may want to use this mod, as translations should and will be strictly translations....

  • Patience Please.

    As of now I'm still on holiday "vacation", which means I have to meet the needs of other people IRL, leaving me little time to convert many of my mods, including this, to SSE.

    SSE also introduces new record types and techniques, as well as new file formats, which means I also need to find and compile information and instructions on how to convert mods to the new format, and to grab the correct tools to help with the conversion process. 

    Finally, for next year I am considering about getting myself a new PROPER computer table, because my current setup prevents me from having a proper workflow, with bad sitting posture, eye-monitor distance and keyboard-mouse positions, which are setting up for an uncomfortable experience, especially when editing for lon...

  • Regarding SSE...

    As much as I would love to convert this mod to SSE, to be frank, I need time first to deal with real-life priorities that have eaten into my free time modding. But do note that the next version will be an all-in-one package with completely new static kits, new services, and a cleaner layout....

  • Yes, Skyrim SE is 64-bit has been officially CONFIRMED.

    Asides from being a free download for those who bought the Legendary Edition (or hopefully, those who bought the DLCs piece by piece), here's another confirmation after much speculation:
    Q:  is there any way you can confirm the Skyrim special edition being 64bit on PC?

    Grandstaff: yes, it's 64bit

    Get ready....

  • On behalf of Jonx0r, regarding his sudden change of mind...

    For his benefit, and everyone else's, I am reproducing his full statement as to why he removed Wyrmstooth and everything else off the Internet, so as to end all speculation.

    Ok so against my better judgement I've decided to write up a short explanation about why I canned Wyrmstooth and my comics. I didn't think it would be necessary to say anything simply because I didn't think many people out there would give a toss. First and foremost though I have to thank and apologize profusely to the people who lent their vocal and musical talent to Wyrmstooth. I just wish I had it in me to have been able to make something that they would've been pr...

  • Note to Self

    Being attacked by someone, and then fuming all day and thinking about launching a counter-attack is unproductive and a waste of energy and time.

    Reminder: lurk before you comment....

  • My Stance Regarding Steam's Decision to Monetize Mods

    I woke up today, to find that Valve has just went ahead with this idea of monetizing mods.

    Now my decision on the matter.

    All my mods shall be free to download and use, at no extra charge or cost, only from Nexus and TESA, for everyone's enjoyment and enhancement of their gameplay experience.

    Thank you, and good morning.


  • Something to get off my chest...

    I don't buy M-rated games for kids, nor lend such games for them to play. 

    Nor I would try to sanitize a game like Skyrim for them, either.

    They will NOT have it until they're ready and responsible enough to know the difference between right or wrong.

    Times are different now, not unlike those days when you can let them play Atari 2600, Famicom or SNES games without worrying. In this day and time I handle games the same way I would handle firearms or drive vehicles: because adult responsibility is a necessity.

    Now, whoever this woman telling me to P.O. just because she wants to sanitize the game for a minor, more power to her. People like her are embarrassing me....

  • Memory Kung-Fu

    About a month ago, when my playthrough finally allowed me to enter Solstheim (I usually like to complete the game in this order: vanilla, Dawnguard and Dragonborn), at first everything was okay and then I began to experience an unusually large amounts of CTDs in almost every place on the island.

    At first it must be my gamesave that had a problem, did cleaned them and even then the CTDs persisted. 

    I then tried to debug ModOrganizer logs, attempting to track down which was causing what CTD, using a system of elimination to nail the culprit, forcing to remove every other mod -- whether it's textures, meshes, scripted mods, etc. -- I though were okay back on mainland Skyrim. But still the problem couldn't go away.

    Heck, even downgrading USKP and...

  • Scrap and Build

    Sorry if I was having a hiatus from modding, but of late got pretty busy IRL as a computer technician, dealing with most of the holidays, and been playing modded GTA4 (installed it after I was getting frustrated with CTDs and freezes); the errors have put a damper on mod development.

    So right now and fed up with the CTDs I'm trying to rebuild my Skyrim installation back to vanilla, which means I have to move a lot of files back and forth --- mostly mods, and some of my own mods, double-checking and confirming, centralizing and reorganizing this 35Gb mass. I'm also perusing the mod list I saved, reading it and looking for truly worthwhile mods that I want to keep -- my objective is to have a Skyrim installation with minimum number of script-included mods (only the most...

  • The Next Step

    In a few hours I'll upload what I think is an evolutionary next step for this mod.

    It's a culmination of some concepts and ideas I've implemented in some of my mods, but it hews to my preference for simplicity, seamlessness and functionality. That means this rebirthed Lakeview mod, as I come full circle, doesn't have any of the usual shiny doodads, bells and whistles found in most remake mods, but I made sure it blends well into its surroundings as if it's truly a part of Lakeview. Furthermore, this mod will come in two versions -- regular and, later, performance (for those who have FPS issues), and a proper navmesh.

    Stay tuned. ;)

  • Some Thoughts...

    Earlier today I came across a mod that made me want to remark pointedly, and I did, as I wondered if that mod would be useful to everyone else or not.

    I just want to say that although anyone can be a modder, a fanfiction writer or an artist, it is one thing to simply make a fun mod, it's entirely another thing to make a mod that has utility and quality not just to the modder but also to the rest of the user community (unless the mod's aim is to be eclectic as a Salvador Dali painting).

    If some think my comments are unprofessional, then as a modder myself I want to frankly point out others' mistakes without cussing, nor I resort to pointless praise, and if I have a mistake I made in any of my works, I humbly acknowledge them as I fix the bugs.

  • Low-Heat/Performance Version Now Available

    In response to a user inquiry in which he had FPS lag whenever this mod is enabled, I created a high-performance version which should increase the FPS by removing unnecessary objects. This is also helpful for those who don't have Frostfall installed.

    Also, I discovered that I could remove the view-constricting trees (or any eyesore) without causing game-wide problems by using the disable console command: open the console, click on the tree, and type disable....

  • Dealing with the Visual C Runtime Error

    This may be an exception but is going to be short and helpful for those saddled with this problem, as this error tend to break Skyrim too often.

    Outdated Visual C++ runtimes could cause this error -- known as the pure virtual function call error -- to happen, so the trick is to uninstall those old runtimes (Visual C++ 2005, 2008 and 2010, in both 32 and 64-bit (if you're using the 64-bit version of Windows)), then download their SP1 equivalents (32-bit if you're using x86, 32 and 64 bit if Win7 64-bit) from the Microsoft website, before installing them.

    This should look like after installing the SP1 runtimes:

  • Fixed and Ready

    By now I've uploaded a new version that's been cut down a bit (in terms of resource consumption, as I went overboard with the embedded heating system) for the sake of performance, and in addition I went about plugging the little clipping issues that were hard to notice during development (why can't CK allow a bit of fine zooming?). Finally, I was able to lay in the navmesh that many wanted for the fence and the tower.

    Oh, speaking of the navmesh, the problem that was reported by Wrye and tes5edit -- that notorious undeletable UDR -- was fixed after I figured out that it took for me to use TESVsnip to change the record from deleted to undeleted/disabled. I hope this would make things all right from this onward.

    Until then, get ready to port your charact...

  • Trying to Get it Right

    Looks like I finally figured out how I should design my heated pool mod according to Frostfall. :) Now I'll try to implement this in other Hearthfire homes.

    Test results were promising, as exposure levels were acceptable (Chilly than very cold in the pool, warm in the hot bath; Frostfall was at default settings) even while I tested my character in the pool and the hot bath in extreme weather conditions (heavy rain or blizzard); there were more than enough heat sources around to immediately draw in should the player feels he/she could turn into an ice cube.

    I've also laid in a navmesh around the pool, but both Wrye and TES5edit warned me of two UDRs, which were actually Hearthfire design bugs in which the port hatches weren't on the mesh. This however, ...

  • Halfway Through

    Today I remade the mod for the second time from scratch, using what I learned in the last few weeks, including user feedback and attempting to address possible errors that could create problems with the game or other mods.

    The navmesh is one particular area where it's really difficult to produce a clean work after running the .ESP through TES5edit, because the pool is in close proximity with Lakeview, and Hearthfire had some bugs that came with it (even now there are problems with the home construction menu, and it's annoying that even after deleting the stray walls they seem to come back).

    As for compatibility with Frostfall, it's understandable that I'll have to perform repeated experiments to see if my character would be able to use the pool wit...

  • For Frostfall Users...

    If you're using this realism mod along with mine, there are a couple of heat sources -- the braziers -- which should be able to warm and dry you up after swimming in the pool or sitting in the baths. Anyone using Frostfall (and other physical exposure realism mods of this type) must provide some compatibility feedback and findings which should help me make improvements to meet the requirements of those realism mods.

    Which gives me a pretty good idea... :)...