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Added: 17/12/2012 - 08:30PM
Updated: 18/04/2014 - 08:10AM

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Last updated at 8:10, 18 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 20:30, 17 Dec 2012

Chewiemuse's Beauty of Skyrim

Beautiful vid made by hodiltin!

New Version 1.7 out! includes "Ubder Performance" and a WIP but still Extensive Readme and guide on ENB's!

If you guys want I also have a grass mod out which adds better performance dense grass

Make sure you guys upload your own photos on here, Im curious to see what it looks like on everyone else preferences!

CHANGE LOG--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>

New Palette added!
Removed dll's in accordance with rules. all dll's can be found here:

Has all DLL's
Has a new guide that is a wip that helps you understand ENB's and also how to install and troubleshoot.
performance mode added

The enb that you downloaded is currently in development, this is the beta phase, so please if you have any issues please let me know by starting a separate discussion on the mod page not just a general comment.

Thank you for taking the time to try this ENB

\\\\////~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\\\////Glitches already known\\\\/////~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\\\\//////

In the non-stable version there are certain textures which at certain angles are see through, this version of the mod I use only for photography at the most part, and not of the face obviously, which is one of the major glitches,

List of known Glitches so far as of v1.1

----The Eyes are all funkified, Sometimes they are completely visible through the eyelids

----The terrain texture at the mountains is Funkified in the same way being see through showing certain streams and water


Just place the contents of which ENB you would like to use into your Skyrim Directory which can usually be found here

ProgramFiles(x86)/ Steam/ Steamapps/ C0mmon/ Skyrim

if you decide to change a palette or you do the same as with all the files

Main Maker


ENB Download Link

I would like to thank the developers of the ENB DLL and files for their amazing work

I would like to also thank all the users who helped me through working on ENB's and understanding how they work

Users Involved of making this Specific ENB:


\\\\/////~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\\\\//////UPDATES TO COME\\\\/////~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\\/////

Im working on a guide for the Sweet FX, and a before and after Photo shoot

Im talking right now with the Developer of the FX Shaders ENB to ask if I may include his ENB documentation on how to edit the ENBSERIES INI

I myself am Developing a guide to the ENB

Be patient as this is my first ENB