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Last updated at 4:36, 24 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 5:58, 17 Dec 2012

1. Bow and Arrows are found in a chest outside of Riverwood
2. Requires the key to Embershard Mine

More updates to this mod will follow, your feedback is welcome. I am still pretty new at modding, also please feel free to send me a message about any bugs you might find.

Change Log
a. Fixed a mistake- over 300 locations had this bow and arrow plus a small loot of gold located in the chest.
b. increased Most vendors to have ~5k gold for purchasing your items.

a. I changed the enchant to shock and increased the amount of enchantment.
b. I also updated the photos to exclude the mod "Equipment of Eternal shine" to make no confusion.

If you do want the Glow to the Elven gear then you can download the Mods below.

Thanks again and Enjoy!

Thank you to those who created the following mods, in order to get the best out of my mod please utilize these below:

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