Celethiels Odds and Urns by Celethiel
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Added: 16/12/2012 - 09:46PM
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I created some time ago and Odd's and Ends mod
this is the dressed down version that doesn't include things I added for experiment sake.
What you are now able to pick up
Dwemer Urns
Dwemer Pots
And Glazed Urns

It's actually rather easy to make, as all that they did was not name the items and then you can't pick them up.

I also made some of these Items (ie the forks and knives) worth a tiny bit more, i never understood how an item can be worthless. If someone is willing to buy it, and not make it themselves it's worth something to them, and to shopkeepers who obviously aren't making forks themselves...
I seriously doubt I will make a mod that overhauls the price charts on all items though.
Obviously since It does many of the same things as the previous Mod, Celethiel's Things the two are not compatible.