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  • Your experience will differ from mine shown in the screenshots, I have many texture enhancing mods running, some you may have, most you may not, some you may have similar versions of. (Most Noteable: Banner Replacer, Better Bones, Better Ice/Snow (Generic Names, I have many multiple enhance mods running.) ETC.)
  • GLITCHES: I have only experienced one glitch, a random Vigilant of Stendarr appeared in the ship when I entered.


Delve into the abandoned creaky boards of the Wrecked Ship. It appears a nomadic bandit, looking for a home, found his, and lived his twilight years in his home, a ship. He died peacefully on his bed in his new ship. But he's dead now! It's all yours for the taking! Claim the island as your own! Store your items in chests, hang around outside, or choose to live in solitude in the Safe House cavern under the ship.

- Map Marker (Undiscovered but visible, NE of Windhelm)
- Spike-walled island
- Ship Home
- Bed & Chests (Basic player home components.)
- Travelable boat to Windhelm
- Safe House under ship
- Full crafting setup (Forge Components, Magic Components, Cooking)

From the author of Better Jorrvaskr .

DMC-Homes Series

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