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1500 downloads as of May 23rd 2013? You guys are freaking amazing! Thanks everyone!


I like to think of this mod as proof that if we take the time to look for simple problems, we can find simple answers, as long as we communicate every now and then. Also, the nature of this mod is a great way to teach us about the importance of bees, and maybe even educate us a little about Colony Collapse (look it up on wikipedia if interested). Keep in mind that I came up with this mod on a whim, and made version 1.0 in about 5 minutes including CK load times, and you just might enjoy Skyrim a little bit more. :)

Honey is a pretty rare item in the vanilla game (1 carried by Wulfgar, and 1 found in Haelga's Bunkhouse, as well as the cheater/tester QA room). Where are people getting it to make all these honey-nut treats? From beehives!

This mod makes slight changes to the items inside both normal and vacant beehives to make honey and honeycombs a bit less rare, as well as five recipes to use those honeycombs and honey in cooking, drinking, or alchemy. Item's actual properties are not changed, only the containers and recipes used to obtain them. This mod makes no changes to merchant's containers.

New recipes are found at the cookpot, and are only visible if you have at least one component (either Honey, or Honeycomb). Extra brewing recipes that don't use Honey are part of an Optional File, and require 1 Wheat in your inventory to be visible.

I know beehives are pretty rare in the world, but you just might be surprised where you find them. I may consider adding more hives to the world if enough people take the time to think if this is really a serious problem. Until then, I'm not adding any new ones because I think there are just enough out there if you look around, so Get That Honey!

I think the current hive-loot values are okay, but if you think it needs to be tuned, let me know in the comments. Thanks!



-Normal and Vacant Hives now checked to respawn

More Brewing

-Ale Recipe (1 Gourd + 1 Wheat + 3 P. Mtn. Flower = 2 Ale)
-Wine Recipe (1 Wheat + 4 Jazbay Grapes = 2 Wine)
-Spiced Wine Recipe (1 Wheat + 4 Jazbay + 1 Canis Root = 2 Spiced Wine)
-Firebrand Wine Recipe (1 Wheat + 2 Snowberries + 2 Jazbay = 2 Firebrand Wine)


-Loot values no longer weighted toward middle range
-Beehive Loot (1-5 Honey, 1-5 Husks, 1-10 Honeycomb, 10d3 or 10-30 Bees)
-Vacant Hive Loot (1-5 Honeycomb, 1-5 Husks)
-Mead Recipe (1 Honey + 1 Wheat + 3 Purple Mountain Flower = 2 Mead)
-Juniper Mead Recipe (1 Honey + 1 Wheat + 3 P. Mtn. Flower + 1 Juniper Berry = 2 Juniper Mead)


Beehive Loot (all "leveled" loot lists start at level 1)
-Hive Husk (1 count)
-Honey (chance of 1,1,1,2,2, or 3)
-Honeycomb (1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,5)
-Bees (5d3 +25% chance of 0 per roll = 0-15)
Vacant Hive Loot
-Hive Husk (1)
-Honeycomb (1,2,2,3)
New Recipes at a Cookpot
-1 Honey => 1 Honeycomb
-2 Honeycomb => 1 Honey
-2 Honey + 1 Firewood => 5 Honey Nut Treats


(When activating More Brewing with NMM, choose "No - Install Normally" when asked if you want to upgrade BBH.)


-Extract rar to your ...Skyrim/data folder
-Then check "Better Bee Hive.esp" in your load order.

*Note - "BBH - More Brewing.esp" can be used on its own. Placement in the Load Order doesn't matter, although I'd recommend placing it after "Better Bee Hive.esp" for purely organizational purposes.


This mod should be compatible with any mods that don't make changes to beehive containers. Any other mods that do change them (which I haven't found) will have their changes applied over this mod unless this mod is lower in your Load Order.

Using this mod alongside mods that add similar recipes will cause duplicate recipes.

Known Issues

It seems like, under rare circumstances, beehives aren't producing husks. Everything looks fine to me in the CK, the leveled list for husks is set up to produce 1-5 with a 0% chance none, and vacant hives work just fine off the same list, so I'm not sure what's causing this. Testing the list in the CK produces the expected results, but sometimes husks are missing in-game.

If there's anyone out there who knows a bit more about leveled lists than I do, feel free to open this up in the CK and drop me a comment / PM if you can find out why this would happen. Not a major problem, but still something that's bugging me.

Update: I think this was caused by an issue relating to an older save that had a different mod loaded where beehives were edited. I haven't run into this issue on my new saves. but feel free to let me know if it happens to you.


Shorter Cell Respawns - - For those worried about coming back to empty beehives all the time, instead of searching for different ones, make them respawn faster.


.esp files made by Dudeman325.

You do not have the right to distribute these files, or edit them with the intent of redistribution without my permission.

Questions? Comments? Post them on this mod's page on the Nexus!