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Hood of Daywalker
V 2.0
By Khrada

Version 2.2 is an optional update, please refer to the changelog and the readme that comes with version 2.2 for more detail. Do not use it if you are playing (or plan on installing) Dawnguard on your current save. Bad things might happen!

I looked at how Serana has her own hood to protect herself from the sun, so I thought to myself "why not get myself one?"
At first I tried looking for it on the nexus, and to my surprise there isn't any mod like this (well, there's one that intensifies it).
So I've decided to make one my own, and here it is.

Of course I understand the reasoning of sun damage, and am aware of how it was much lenient compared to previous installments.
I just don't like how it's much harder being a vampire than werewolf with not a lot more benefits compared to the sacrifice.
Long story short: Yes, I'm dumbing things down. Don't use it if you don't like it.

Lite version is not supported anymore, as the method was really crappy and pointless.

Update: Since USKP and UDGP now has touched the vampire progression script, I have to incorporate the changes so I will not overwrite the fix.
And I have realized I have accidentally altered a line of script that would cause the bug of stage 4 sun damage to stay even when you are cured, this has been fixed as well.
In order to remedie the bug should you have it, just become a vampire again and get cured. Sorry about that
I have also made a version for Vanilla Skyrim, so you don't need Dawnguard for this anymore.

- A light-weighted hood. Shouldn't be too much of a burden
- Detects your sun damage level and gives the appropriate reduction.
- Craftable in any forge (Only when you're a vampire and do not have the hood in your inventory)
- Cannot be improved, nor can it be enchanted for balance reasons.
- It adjusts its protection as your vampirism grows
- An easier time being vampire

Skyrim, Make sure your game is up to date! ( when the mod is created)
Dawnguard DLC (Optional now)

How to Install
Pick one of the two, I cannot guarantee what will happen if you activate two at the same time!
Then just toss the desired .esp and .bsa into your data folder, simple!

How to Uninstall
I would recommend you not to remove it, since the mod involves script and scripts are known to leave footprints and still trying to execute them after they're removed.
If you really want to remove it, however, you should take your hood off, cure your vampirism, take your hood to a container you know it will respawn in some obsure location you might never visit again, or just sell it to a merchant and not visit them for 2 days.
After all that's done, make sure the hood is gone from whatever you stored it in, then you should be able to remove the mod safely.

The mod has altered the quest and script for vampirism progression. So make sure you don't have anything that alters it.

It is very likely that the mod will not work with mods that basically redone vampirism. For example: Belua Sanguinare, Better Vampires, and Vampiric Thirst.

It is updated to reflect USKP and UDGP changes! Pay them a visit and download them for a better Skyrim!

Known Issue
Not that I know at the moment.

Future Plan
Maybe give it a home, instead of waiting in the void to be crafted by the player.
If you can come up with a good feature for this hood, don't be shy!

Feel free to look at the mod and alter any values as you see fit.
Let me know if you want to use it on anything else.
If you want to upload your own version of this mod, feel free, this isn't rocket science so it is just not right not allowing that.

Click here for light armor version, courtesy of AncientVampire

Credits & Thanks
Bethesda for creating this game, and the Creation Kit
Ethatron for BSAopt
Nexus for hosting countless wonderful mods, which inspired me
Arthmoor for USKP and UDGP