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the is the Helgen rebuilt better it makes Helgen the way it is at the start of the game but adds a little more to make it better also it adds all the npc that were there before alduin attacks

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hi im making helgen better and adding what was already in helgen its now a town ill try to add doors that U are able to go into and there's imperials guarding the city also that kid at the start of game at the house is in helgen so there's 2 of him in skyrim ;D but still if U can think of any thing else that I can add to helgen feel free to tell me and I might add it

V2 is out. now this version is pretty cool hop U enjoy

[add] more tree & bushes
[add] more npc
[add] more chest
[add] barrel & gates
[add] animals cow and chickens
[add] 2 more catapults
[add] chairs

[add] imperial guards
[add] npc at start of game
[add] houses back to the way they are
[add] extra parts to make the city nicer
[add] a stand that have armor on it
and more

please subscribe to my channel for more mods

also if u get or see any bugs please tell me

also it allow U to pick up giants hammer

to see the rest of my mods search up DawnBrake