Travel Mounts - for fast travel by Manaflow
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Travel Mounts

Ever asked why would you spend 1000 gold for a horse in Skyrim? Well, with this mod you will need a mount if you want to be able to fast travel! After a few seconds mounting your horse (or anything else you can mount actually) you will receive a message telling you are able to try to fast travel. Notice that any other requirement needed to fast travel, like not being near enemies, are still considered.

Just like any other Mod.

I don't think you might have any problem with this, but I recommend you save your game while mounted, then remove the mod. Just to be sure. =)

With any expansion, probably even with Dragonborn when it comes. I'm not sure of this: you may have trouble or conflicts with other mods that also modify fast travel - like using the option in Frostfall to use firewood for fast travel - but I think it will actually work well.

You can enable messages warning when traveling either by SkyUI MCM configuration menu or by typing in a console:
set _TMDisableMessages to 3

Can't travel, even mounted?
You can try to unmount and then type EnableFastTravel 1 on console and wait a few seconds to see if the mod kicks in.