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Added: 14/12/2012 - 08:55PM
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Last updated at 20:56, 14 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 20:55, 14 Dec 2012

I've given Jordis the Sword-Maiden a new look and added some abilities to her, so that she is a more versatile combat assistant. I also made her 5% smaller than before (now about as tall as an imperial girl). I'm not so sure about the vanilla stats, but now she is auto-level and levels with the player up to level 100.

This mod only contains her new face and changed attributes! No extra textures or armor or anything, so she will work 100% with Vanilla Skyrim or any other face texture mod (I'm using Bellas Better Females).

Added Abilities
- Light Foot (no more detected when you're trying to be sneaky!)
- Deadly Bash
- Power Bash
- Fighting Stance
- Savage Strike (see some bandit heads fly!)

Jordis now has a feminine stance. BUT THIS DOES ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE THE MOD INSTALLED BEFORE MEETING HER FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! After you meet her, Skyrim saves the stance for her in your save game file and you cannot change that afterwards (for whatever stupid reason)!

She can still die and deals pretty much the same damage as before. But now she uses her shield abilities more often, so enemies get stunned more and from time to time she cuts off some bandit heads!

- Download the archive
- Extract the files to the folder ...\Skyrim\data\
- Make sure the data file is activated (use Skyrim Launcher or some other tool)
- Enjoy!

If you want the EXACT SAME LOOK as on the pictures, you need Better Females By Bella. If you don't have that mod, her textures will be the same as for other females in your game.

If you want the SAME EXACT ARMOR:
For the screenshots I've given her the Elven Inquisitor armor from one of the TERA armor mods. I don't know which mod I exactly used for the shots, but you can find the armor in this mod: TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - UNP.