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RustyTraders Auto Harvest Rewrite of Auto Harvest by LaoArchAngel

Permissions and credits
This is a rewrite of Auto Harvest to make it compatible with 83Willows 101BugsHD so that Auto Harvest can harvest the bugs from 83Willows 101BugsHD

New MCM Config Menu as of Version 1.7
Dawnguard as of Version 1.8
Dragonborn as of Version 1.9

Invisibility Bug
If you Find that you get them message "auto harvest skip - invisibility" Even when you are not Invisable, it is that a Keyword is attached to your Character that Indicates you are Invisible.
To fixed it run SKSE's clearinvalidregistrations (as described in the comments by Rotaur here:
How to REMOVE ALL embedded scripts from your savegame - Tutorial).

Harvesting cycles is scaled according to Alchemy Level
The Left Value is with 0 Alchemy the right is with 100 Alchemy
10 -> 2 Second Interval
The Harvester will try to harvest a total of 4 times, 2 Times at each distance
Max 2000 Max 1500 Max 1000Max 500
2000->3000 1500->2250 1000->1500 500->750

This will force the harvesting of items closer to you first.
Fixed a bug where we were harvesting Inactive items from Hearthfire House Interiors
Fixed a bug where we harvested the same item over and over and over

MCM Menu
Enable or Disable Harvest Items
Advance menu you can set Min Interval from 2 to 8.5 Seconds and Base Distance from 500 to 4000 Units
You can Split Harvesting for Veggies in the Advance menu, will try to add more later

Distance Units Shown as Images up Top
2000 Units = The Distance from Dawnguard Door to the Arch of Sleeping Area
1000 Units = The Distance from Dawnguard Door to the Centre of the Reception Area

To Test Your Own Distance
  1. Make Power AutoHarvest Settings Active Power
  2. Activate Power
  3. Select Range Option
  4. Select Cheese it Option (Should Teleport you to Testing Area)
  5. If nothing Happens do next step or Skip to Point 8
  6. Enter Console Command Normally ~
  7. Enter coc rt_AutoHarvestTestArea and press
  8. You should be standing in a Large Room (Testing Area) (If not do previous line coc command.)
  9. Click on the Test Stone to Run a Range Simulation Test
  10. Should Spawn 4 Circles of Cheese Wheels For Each of the Harvest Distances.
  11. When done click on the Return Teleport Stone to Return to where you were

  1. Auto Harvest On/Off (Start/Stop Harvesting, Need to Restart +- Every 5 Levels of Alchemy)
  2. Auto Harvest Setup (Set What you want to Harvest, Need to Stop & Start Harvesting Afterward)
    • Bugs
    • Coins (Coin Bags)
    • Fish (Normal & Small)
    • Flora
    • Nests (Eggs)
    • Trees
    • Veggies
    • Dawnguard
    • Loose Items

Now includes Spider Egg Harvesting and Bee Hive Harvesting
Now includes

The Start of the Harvesting does take longer, that is due to the processing of what is to be Harvested.


NOT Compatible with Original Auto Harvest (Only one of the 2 Should be installed)
Use its own Objects and should be compatible with any mod that adds items to the Base Critters list.

SKSE Ver 1.6.5 or above (might work with earlier versions)

Simply use the Nexus Mod Manager or put the contents of this mod in your Skyrim data folder.
Ensure it is Loaded after the other mods that add new objects.

If installed by the NMM (Nexus mod manger) then just uninstall using NMM
Ensure you Remove the following Scripts as they are now in the bsa file

LaoArchAngel for Auto Harvest

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