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Adds a new effect to the Frostbite Spider Poison spells (just bites so far, poison spit may be included, but not harvested poison that you can use) that causes Fear to those who get poisoned. Not every hit poisons people, not all people will run from a puny spider. Most of the time, bigger spiders will be scarier than small ones, but sometimes the smaller spider might have a deadlier bite. Let me know how it works and I can try tweaking magnitudes, and with a little help I might be able to get poison spit to work too.

The player is not affected by fear, and has nothing new to worry about from spiders. You are the Mighty Dragonborn!




Extract the .rar into your ...Skyrim/Data folder.

This should work pretty well with mods that change Frostbite spiders, as long as they don't add new poison effects to the spiders (not the poison item). Let me know if there are any problems, but there shouldn't be anything major.

Inspired by a forum post by LordSarcasm.
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