Black Iron Ore Unique Weapon Set by Elgar2389
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Added: 13/12/2012 - 09:52PM
Updated: 06/01/2013 - 12:27AM

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Last updated at 0:27, 6 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 21:52, 13 Dec 2012


Well I started texturing yesterday (12/12/2012) and I now bring you the Black Iron Ore Unique Weapon Set.

Contents: (Not Overpowered, Fair Weapons)

BIO Sword
BIO Mace
BIO War Axe
BIO Dagger
BIO Battle Axe
BIO Warhammer
BIO Greatsword

+BIO HD War Sword (Enhanced BIO Sword)
+BIO HD Shield
+BIO HD Banded Shield
+Level Listed to Low Level Bandits & Draugr


NEW UPDATE: (06/01/2013)

*** Adding Tempering to GreatSword, Iron Shield & Banded Shield


UPDATE: (23/12/2012)

*** Added HD BIO War Sword

*** Added both HD BIO shield & HD BIO Banded Shield

*** Fixed minor bug with BIO Arrow craft placement


Old Update:

+ Added to Iron Tree (17/12/2012)
- Removed Shields (Texture Reverting to Vanilla when equiped bug) (17/12/2012)
+ Add BIO weapons to 1H, 2H & Bow Draugr (Low Levels) (17/12/2012)
+ Add BIO weapons to 1H, 2H & Bow Bandits (Low Levels) (17/12/2012)


Each weapon is slightly lighter, slightly faster & slightly more powerful than their Vanilla Iron ore counterparts.

Craft-able, Temper-able & the Black Iron Ore Arrows are buy-able. (Now Craftable in Iron*)

Black Iron Ore Weaponary Sell & buy for more because they are a cut above a standard nords everyday Grey Iron.


* Not a problem, all textures, models, stats & crafts are mod friendly and confirmed compatible with Requiem & Requiem's Stat Changing System.

Good Fighting Brothers!