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Rotar is a peaceful town on an island NW of Solitude, where soldiers and blades were used to get a part of their basic training.
The story goes that one day a wizard came, killed the previous thane, closed his house and gave the key to be guarded by a dragon priest, and then he cursed the training area.
Now every practice dummy you approach form the front will spawn creatures or enemies, the further you’ll go in to the area, the harder they’ll get.
Hearing you could be the dragonborn, the people of the town will send a courier with a letter inviting you to become the new thane. To get the key to your new house you will have to get it back from the dragon priest.
The small quest is mainly to show you around on the island. You will meet 2 housecarls and 3 followers in the Staff house, at the stable there are 3 horses you can use. If you prefer a horse that can be summoned, on a table in the stable there are 2 tomes.
In the small town you will find familiar faces and most people can be married.
Defeating the dragon priest will give you the key to Tukker manor where you can than live.
The boat to Rotar can be found next to the Solitude sawmill.

I made this mod for myself to have my basic needs, house, horse, followers without having to do a lot for it, and for training some skills on how to defeat enemies. So it may not be how you want it to be.
You are not forced to use it so if you don’t like it just remove it.