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Weighted Arrows
- Maybe it's not what you were thinking, but it is nice for realism -

I wish I could add a long and brilliant description, but... this just makes arrows weight. Depending on the version you download, they weight 0.04 (light), 0.15 (medium) or 0.25 (heavy). Compatible with anything!

There is a Dawnguard version that makes crossbow bolts weight 0.1 or 0.36 or 0.6, while arrows only weight 0.04 or 0.15 or 0.25 (but this ones are not as compatible with other arrow mods as the other one is).

Both versions work with Dragonborn and Heartfire and any other DLC Bethesda will develop for the next years. The difference is that with the Dawnguard version, you get different weight for crossbow bolts, while the non-Dawnguard version will consider all projectiles the same.

P.S: The weight is so little that is won't show up in inventory screen. But, for instance, you will notice your inventory weight increase by 3 when:
- Light version: picking up 75 arrows
- Medium version: picking up 20 arrows
- Heavy version: picking up 12 arrows

Effects will be activated after you install it like any other mod, and dropping all your arrows/bolts and picking them up again.

Just remove the mod and be happy. =)