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This is a spell from my mod \"Tristram In Skyrim\" that effectively emulates the \"Mana Shield\" spell from the Diablo series.

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What does it do?
This is a spell from my mod "Tristram In Skyrim" that effectively emulates the "Mana Shield" spell from the Diablo series. This version is formulated to be useful in the world of Skyrim. If you like what you see from the mod, check out my main project!

How does it work?
Magicka Shield is an extremely powerful spell that directs all incoming damage to the player's magicka instead of their life, and reduces the damage dealt by 33%. The spell lasts for 2 minutes, and if the player runs out of magicka, then the spell immediately dispels.

Where do I get this spell?
Belethor (Whiterun) sells the spelltome for less than 1000 gold.

This spell is from:
Tristram In Skyrim: A Homage To Diablo
A full-scale recreation of Diablo.