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This mod page is under construction please excuse any mistakes, brevity or absence of images.

Version 1.0a is now available. All it does is update the one line in the enbseries.ini to make it fully compatible with the new ENB version, v121212.
Wintertide - Fantasy ENB is now available for download. This is an early version and there are a few things I still intend to work on because I'm not happy with them. But you know me, I'm so slow if I fixed everything before posting it, it would never get posted at all.

Wintertide is an ENB profile inspired by high fantasy. It is not intended to be realistic nor is it intended to by atmospheric and gritty. It is intended to be bright, colourful and pretty. Wintertide is an edited version of my first ENB profile Winterheart but is stylistically the complete opposite.

Feature List
-A bright and colourful ENB inspired by high fantasy
-Two performance/quality options
-Includes SMAA, a lightweight and effective form of anti-aliasing
-Compatible with v121212 ENB
-Subtle depth of field (DoF) suitable for both gameplay and screenshots

Currently Wintertide - Fantasy ENB is just a simple ENB profile and should be compatible with anything that most ENB profiles are compatible with. It has not been tweaked to work with any other lighting mods or Climates of Tamriel, I have not even looked into it.

I very highly recommend using Blackout - Simply Darker Dungeons in conjunction with this ENB.

ENB Expert
1. Uninstall previous ENB fully and make sure you disable WMGAtmosphericENBPlugin.esp if you were previously using my other ENB Winterheart.
2. Install the wrapper version of the v121212 ENB binary (.dll) file, available from Boris Vorontsov website. ENB website:
3. Choose a preset from either Quality or Performance and copy the contents of that folder (but not the folder itself) into your Skyrim directory (not your Skyrim/data directory). If asked to overwrite choose yes.

ENB Novice
See documentation included in the download for a more in-depth install guide. I highly suggest following it if you are a relatively new or first time ENB user.

Known Issues
I personally am not happy with the way sunsets look in clear and cloudy weather and will fix this in time.
Fog Inversion
Wintertide is an edited version of my other ENB profile Winterheart, which suffers from a fog inversion problem however, this problem seems to have been inadvertently fixed somewhere during the transition. If you know what I'm talking about and you experience it open the map and close it again to fix it.

Wintertide is an edited version of my other ENB profile Winterheart, I therefore credit the same people. This would not have been possible without the help of the following individuals:
Boris Vorontsov - HeliosDoubleSix - Matso - PMind
Andrej Dudenherner and the Creators of SMAA injector - KyoKushinoyama

For more details see the documentation.
All assets used with permission.
A big thanks to all those who have supported the mod.