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These are ENB presets designed for SkyRealism and the three major lighting mods.

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This 'mod' is a WIP. I will be updating as I go, but this is a descent start.

These ENB presets were designed beginning with the SkyRealism Vanilla preset (IndigoNeko) atop Skyrim Realistic Overhaul (Starac) and Vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul (no grasses). The first step was to generate a solid base preset to provide a polished, realistic look with dark nights, dimmed interiors and bright sunny days when weather conditions are clear.

Next, I used this base preset as a launching point to develop the most realistic preset possible (IMO) to use in conduction with Realistic Lighting with Customization, Realistic Colors & Real Nights as well as Project Reality - Climates of Tamriel. Each of these lighting mods uses very different lighting modifications, but each lacks (IMO) the benefits that only a good ENB can provide. I prefer SkyRealism ENB.

The result is a very realistic visual Skyrim experience including:
  • bright, sunny days (on clear days)
  • dark nights, dungeons & interiors
  • realistic modifiers to dark settings, depending on available light sources (e.g., moon, candles, etc)
  • brighter moons
  • bluer skies
  • darker distant mountains
  • brighter colors (but not too much red {interiors} or blue/green {exteriors})
  • performance ENB settings

* I recommend using this with SRO and SFO as I describe above, but this is not necessary.*

Anyone can create this sort of thing, but it requires hours of trial and error and a rather meticulous process. This will save others wanting to use a dependable ENB implementation with one of these three great lighting mods a great deal of time.