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Potions Animated

Do you remember those days when you where with a single point of health, that nasty dragon was about to burn you to a crisp and all you had to do is pause and use 15 healing potions?

Those days are over.

No more instant healing from potions! Whenever you use a potion, an animation of you character drinking a potion will take place. So it is not possible to spam potions while the game is paused anymore.

>> And this works with ALL potions, including the ones you kinky alchemists craft! <<

NPCs will not be animated so they don't stop fighting you.

Compatible with all expansions and every mod I can imagine.

I fixed them all. Now only potions will be animated. Ingredients and drinks are out of this. Also, restoration over time was put in another mod:

P.S: I kind of know how nice this mod would be, but I am not focused on improving this right now. But feel free to suggest improvements or even to make them! =)

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