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CURRENT VERSION: v1.478 (11/04/2016)


The mod's quests are not designed for low levelled players and it is recommended that players should be at least Level 40 prior to starting these quests. It is also recommended that players, if they have a multi-companion mod installed take extra companions for the perilous journey ahead. The mod uses the default/vanilla Follower System for maximum compatibility.

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Arweden's as well as the majority of other characters are yet to be voiced. Only some of her dialogue voiced thus far. Many thanks to Anduniel for her fantastic work (This is her webpage: With future updates, more voiced dialogue will be available. For now a 7 second silent voice file serves as a place holder to prevent dialogue skipping. These of course will be replaced with full fledged voiced dialogue once they are available.

Make sure you have the latest version of Skyrim



More Chapter 2 Teaser Images have been released

v1.478 NO LONGER REQUIRES Dawnguard and is now available for download. See forum/change log for full changes/updates/fixes. The Mathmeldi Mines have now been expanded along with new enemies to be encountered and new treasures. Further additions includes improved clutter, aesthetics and fixes to the existing part of the mines.


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This mod began with filling a void in the numerous companion mods around the Nexus. What initially began as adding a custom dialogue High Elf companion has expanded to a full fledged, DLC sized quest line that not only takes players to a brand new adventure, but also to flesh out Arweden's back story including her past, and forces from behind the scenes which have brought her to Skyrim and subsequently to the player.

The mod's Main Quest is divided into Chapters with each story arc revealing more of Arweden's back story and deeper into the mystery surrounding a newly discovered Ayleid ruin buried deep in the Jerall Mountains, between the border of Skyrim and Cyrodiil. Players will journey through dungeons and ancient ruins unfamiliar to Skyrim but maybe familiar to TES IV: Oblivion Fans/Fans of The Elder Scrolls Series. The mod contains new characters to be interacted with, new enemies, all of which with an aim to be as lore friendly and immersive as possible.

Once again... IT IS RECOMMENDED that the player is at least level 40 in completing the main quest. And if installed, a multi follower mod as the enemies are quiet high levelled and the player may be overwhelmed by sheer numbers as well as force. You have been warned.

- Arweden has over 1000+ lines of custom dialogue, much of which is yet to be voiced but with further submissions by Anduniel/Anna, the number of voiced dialogue will expand.

- Arweden has a number of unique thoughts concerning her current location (Major Holds, Dwemer Ruins, Nordic Ruins and Caves. Also includes High Hrothgar and Skyhaven Temple).

- She also has comments regarding the Main Quest of Skyrim, a number of Jokes, Riddles and Witty Comments for the player's enjoyment (or despair). 

- Arweden features some quest awareness and will continually be expanded with future updates.

- More dialogue on other locations and topics in the world of Skyrim is a continuing project. Particularly areas added by the mod.


- Arweden is a young, Altmer girl from the Summerset Isles/Alinor by the Thalmor led Aldmeri Dominion. She is a survivor who has fled The Isles after a recent uprising which has lead to the death of many Altmer including her family and friends. Fleeing to the mainland, she has fled to the northern reaches of Skyrim in hopes to escape the Dominion's long reaching grasp.

- Like most Altmer, she is typically haughty and unafraid to express her own opinions and views as well as demonstrating traits of racial superiority, however, behind this stereotypical front which she puts on there is a vulnerable side of Arweden which the player will slowly discover. Born to parents who defy Altmer tradition, deep down she harbors emotions long locked away and personal struggles over her race's origins. Players will, as they journey with Arweden come to see these traits through her dialogue and during her quest lines.

- Arweden is intelligent and skilled in the magical arts and has extensive historical knowledge.

- Arweden loves riddles, problems and puzzles of all sorts and LOVES solving them and through interactions one can be asked several riddles for entertainment.

- She also has some rather racial oriented jokes and some witty comments regarding the world around her. She can also be asked about rumors around Skyrim (though she may go off topic) and as you complete quests more "rumors" will be unlocked. Be sure to check her "Questions topic (I have something to ask)" for more questions added as you progress through Arweden's storyline.

- She has many random commentaries to say during her travels. Many of which are location based. One could also ask about her thoughts on the current location though that is limited to certain areas such as Holds and Cities/Towns.


"Dwelve deep into ancient ruins deep in the Jeralls. Aid a renegade faction from the Summerset Isles/Alinor in uncovering its secrets in a race against the Dominion. What dark secrets lurk beneath stone, rock and ice in the long forgotten halls of Mathmeldi?"

- This story will expand between 4-5 chapters (5, if a 5th chapter is needed but likely 4), released individually with updates and enhancements with each update. With each chapter reveals further back story on Arweden's past and more clues into the dark secrets and mysteries of Mathmeldi.

- The Main Quest Line takes Players and Arweden on adventure through the long forgotten and buried halls of Mathmeldi. A ruined Ayleid City lost through the ages, buried deep in the mountains. The dungeon will feel familiar yet new at the same time to veterans of TES IV: Oblivion. New weapons, armor, enemies and lots more can be uncovered within these long forgotten halls.

- The Main Quest has been inspired by several game titles including 'TES III: Morrowind and its expansions', 'TES VI: Oblivion and its expansions, particularly The Knights of The Nine DLC and 'TES: Online', 'Nier', 'Halo 4', 'Dark Souls' and even 'Star Wars'. Uncover a storyline, filled with nods to past Elder Scrolls titles, Elder Scroll Lore that's sure to please fans and hard-core fans alike.


Arweden is adept in close quarter combat and proficient with blades, however, is able to freely switch between Destruction and Alteration spells when required. She also has various perks:

- Bladesman 30
- Destruction Adept
- Alteration Adept
- Resotation Apprentice
- Destruction Duel Casting
- Critical Charge
- Alteration Duel Casting
- Deflect Arrows

Find her in Solitude, on the 2nd floor of the Winking Skeever inn

Updates generally require a clean save to ensure all the changes go through. However, simply over-writing the previous version and its files is completely safe and will not alter game progression. 

- Extract to Desktop then to Data. The BSA and esp file should go into the Data folder.

- Load the Skyrim Launcher, and check to make sure its loaded before playing. (Load order is not important)

- A SEQ file has been generated to bypass the dialogue bug or simply load, save then reload the save file.

Dismiss Arweden and giver her/remove all items from this mod. Unload the mod from Skyrim then go to Skyrim/Data/ and delete AAX_Arweden.esp and AAX_Arweden.bsa; Perform a clean save by loading the save file with the mod removed then save again. Use TES5EDIT to clean the save in order to remove any orphan scripts.

You may NOT reupload this mod anywhere without my permission. You must PM me to discuss any sort of topics in regards to this. All custom made assets have been given appropriate credits and recognition. The authors of these assets should be contacted if you wish to use these assets.

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