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Allows the automatic unlocking of leveled locks

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Automatic Lockpicking gives you the option to automatically unlock leveled locks that you have the perk for. For example, having the novice lockpicking perk will give you the option to 'Auto Unlock' novice locks; the apprentice perk will give you the option to 'auto unlock' apprentice locks, etc etc.

NEW for v1.4 - Force locks allows you to force a lock you do not have the perk for and the chance of success is based on your lockpicking level and chance modifier (can be set by user).
Forcing locks does not gain you XP and uses twice the amount of lockpicks.

There are some options included so you can balance the mod yourselves with console commands or the MCM menu system (requires SkyUI 3.0)

If you find any bugs leave a comment and i'll try to fix them. Source is included. Suggestions will be considered but no promises. Please endorse if you like this mod. Thanks!


  • Lockpick usage. Set the amount of lockpicks consumed when using auto unlock. (Default is 1 / MCM upto 10)
  • Experience gains. Set how much experience is gained when using auto unlock. (Default is vanilla values for unlocking chests (Full) / MCM allows None>Half>Full)
  • Note: MCM does not seem to display half values for XP (Maybe because its alpha or maybe because i'm an idiot, ha, however the values are actually correct in game)
  • Automatic Perk Leveling. Will automatically unlock each lockpicking perk as you meet the required level. (Apprentice/Adept/Expert and Master perks only)(Novice must be Purchased with Perk Point)(Checks every 6 hours of game time) (Off by default / MCM can toggle OnOff)
  • Note: Turning this off after gaining perks will not remove them.
  • New v1.4 - Turn Auto unlock on/off
  • New v1.4 - Turn force lock on/off and adjust chance modifier
  • New v1.4 - Stat screen in MCM to show current force chance


(Only needed if you are not using SkyUI 3.0 Beta 2 and want to change the default values.)
  • Lockpick usage:set autopickcount to # (where # is the number of lockpicks to use)
  • NoviceXP: set AL_NoviceXP to # (Default 2)
  • ApprenticeXP: set AL_ApprenticeXP to #(Default 3)
  • AdeptXP:set AL_AdeptXP to # (Default 5)
  • ExpertXP: set AL_ExpertXP to # (Default 8)
  • MasterXP: set AL_MasterXP to #(Default 13)
  • Turn Auto Leveling On:startquest AL_AutoPerkQuest
  • Turn Auto Leveling Off:stopquest AL_AutoPerkQuest (Off by default)
  • Turn Auto Unlock On/Off: set AutoUnlockEnable to 1 or 0 (Enabled by default)
  • Turn Force lock On/Off: set ForceLockEnable to 1 or 0 (Disabled by default)
  • Adjust Force chance modifier: set ForceLockChance to 1 < 100 (default 50)


This mod edits the vanilla perks for Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert and Master lockpicking so will be incompatible with any mods that do the same. It should however work with mods that change the layout of the perk tree. I can load this after 'lockpick perk tree reconfigured' and it's fine. If you want this mod to override your current mods be sure to have it towards the end of your load order. Comfirmed NOT compatible with SkyRe.


Use NMM or extract to Data folder.
You will need to wait 6 hours after enabling automatic leveling for the relevant perks to be unlocked.


Crafting Chest Extension
Ancient Technology Extended
Carry Weight Spells
Torchlight - Sustainable Candlelight