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Welcome to Skyrim Knights ...... a mod that aims to expand on the Steel Plate armor, which I have such a soft spot in my heart for :)

Firstly ..... special thanks to Natterforme for all his help with the Dragonknight Full Helm, and for letting me use his steel plate helmet mesh for my own helmets, and to Madcat221 for giving me permission to use his Robed Steel Plate mesh. Cheers gents!

This mod adds 18 new armors to the crafting lists of the forge based on Madcat221's Robed Steel Plate. I have completely retextured the robed parts on all armors, as well I have also retextured the armor as well into orichalcum and ebony plated versions. The orichalcum is slightly better than orcish armor and the ebony plated is slightly better than ebony armor. There is only one version of the orichalcum plate armor (in order to avoid color clashing with the green armor), and in order to craft it you will need orcish smithing, and the steel plate version of whatever piece you want to craft. The ebony plated requires ebony smithing, and comes in Grey, White, Red, Blue, Brown, Imperial, and Stormcloak. There is also a version for every hold including color and city icons. The final version is the Dragonknight Plate Armor. This requires the Dragon Armor perk and Arcane Blacksmith perk to craft, and features a dragonskin robed part with a unique dragon logo, and a new helmet. I've made this version as powerful as dragon plate. NONE OF THE ARMORS REQUIRES ADVANCED ARMORS TO CRAFT, and as of yet there are no new shields as I tend to use the fantastic Skyforge Shields mod.

The mod also adds 4 arrow types to the crafting list of the forge. Mammoth Tusk Arrows can be found in the ebony category and the Eldritch Arrows can be found under daedric. The Eldritch Arrows explode on impact, triggering the same explosion the rune traps do. Haven't played with these much yet so I'm not sure if they are unbalanced or not. In addition the mod adds 3 new sword types. Two are retextures of the silver sword and greatsword. In this version they appear in the Misc section of the crafting list. They are meant for more end game but I believe I need to make the crafting req's more stringent to keep things balanced. The last sword is from my Qahnaariin sword mod. In this mod I've named it Uznahgaar (since when I made the sword I hadn't finished Dawnguard yet) It's meant to be an endgame sword with a damage equal to Chillrend. It requires the Dragon Armor perk to craft and should show up in the Dragon section of the crafting list. It does extra damage to dragons and fire damage to all others and uses a retextured Elemental Fury animation when drawn from the scabbard, and I've found that if you run around with it in your hand NPC will comment about you setting this on fire haha.

Make sure you are running the latest update of Skyrim and then just drop the ESP and BSA files into your DATA folder and activate the ESP. To uninstall just delete both files.

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