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Main-Menu Replaces ..
.. 100% lore-friendly mod !!!

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 Per la guida in italiano della mod andate QUA
This mod replace the main-menu with various Wallpapers and Songs

  • skyrim (update13)
  • plugin SKSE version 1.7.1 or later

  • Extract the contents of the zipped file into your Skyrim/folder [overwriting if Necessary]
  • Now Launch Skyrim by SKSE_loader to change the wallpaper and music at every boot!
Audio: if by chance the volume is low edit SkyrimPrefs.ini in [Document / My Games / Skyrim]
open with Notepad and change the string:






Save and Enjoy :D

Main Files and optional

WallPapers HD and Songs : adds 40 wallpapers HD and 40 Songs 
WallPapers and Songs eXtra : adds 9 wallpapers HD and 9 Songs 
WallPapers RAGONBORN EDITION : adds 8 wallpapers HD and 8 Songs 

fog remover : removes "FOG" from loading-screen and main-menu

ONLY Wallpapers HD : adds Only 57 Wallpapers in hight definition (no songs)
ONLY Wallpapers Lq  : adds Only 57 Wallpapers il low quality for low-pc (no songs)

compatible mods
Load Screen Fan-Art [Loading-mod]
No Bethesda Logo In Menu
KenMOD - Skip Bethesda intro
Automatic Main Menu - New Logos 3D and Songs
main menu wallpaper replacer HD with randomizer

Images and Music information

Wallpapers HD and Songs

Example ->images used in this version

SONGS: [Data/mainmenuwallpapers]

AAEvocation AAAProphecy BBThe Elder Scrolls Orchestral BBBThe Elder Scrolls Orchestral CCFired Earth Music - Aphelion CCCThe Elder Scrolls Orchestral DDFired Earth Music - Aphelion DDDFired Earth Music - Aphelion EEDance with the Trees EEEEvocation FFProphecy FFFWolf Blood GGDawn of Wonders GGGFable HHFable HHHA Celtic Lore IIBreath of the Forest IIICallirus JJDragonLand JJJFor the King KKOde to the Fallen KKKPromentory (Last of the Mohicans Theme) LLThe Flowers Of War LLLEpic World Music - Age Of Gods MMCeltic Music - Hero's Journey MMMWildland NNMedieval Legends NNNThe Dragonborn Comes ft. Stephanie Young OOTale of the Tongues - Skyrim Cover OOOReignite - MassEffect Tribute PPThe Dragonborn Comes PPPThe Age Of Aggression QQThe Age of Oppression QQQKing arthur - we will go home RRDesert Mermaids RRRSpirits of the Wild SSGuardians Of The Woods SSSRiversong TTBraveheart - Theme Song TTTProphecy.

WallPapers and Songs eXtra

Example ->images used in this version

SONGS: [Data/mainmenuwallpapers]

013Sovngarde Chant (Cover) 014Desert Mermaids 015Epic World Music - Age Of Gods 016Celtic Music - For the King 017Aphelion
018Celtic Music - Wolf Blood 019Wildland 020Celtic Music - For the King 021Celtic Music - Wolf Blood.

Dragonborn Edition

Example ->images used in this version

SONGS: [Data/mainmenuwallpapers]

022 - 023 -> Sunlight
024 - 025 -> Digital Fortress
026 - 027 - 028 - 029 -> Beyond The Stars



Bethesda for Skyrim
Skyrimnexus for the community website
hellstorm102 for randomizer plugin
Authors to Skse & JohnB for Skyrim Audio Converter

Chilliblitz, Kyokushinoyama, slayerpaul, Zar1n, Eiries, solsikke737, trillville,
1000stenar, Jupitus, zzjay, dryna, FraGatsu, Stegdon, Davven, ezhov, alteya , xric, Algido,
1Rich1, Vatteh, Tatar88, MrBrown, bnaude65, Johanaan, makefaria, serigalaplastik

Adrian Von Ziegler, BrunuhVille, malukah, OminousVoice, jesper kyd,
James Horner, Taylor Davis, Jessismith, Machinima Sound
-> for SONGS