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Adds craftable Lollies and Sweet foods.

Permissions and credits
First attempt at modding. Taste the rainbow.
To access the new food items, you must use the latest .esp.

I'm using meshes and textures created by InsanitySorrow at TESAlliance. This mod is made possible thanks to him.

CRAFTED AT COOKING POT. Am currently trying to get leveled lists to work.

Skittles (Green Apple, Red Apple, Moon Sugar) (Should be in leveled lists) (Restore Health 10pt, Restore Stamina 20pt)
Strawberry Pie (Snowberry, Moon Sugar, Bread) (Should be in leveled lists) (Fortify Health 50pt/10min, Frost Resistance 10%/10min)
Invisibility Loaf (Sack of Flour, Moon Sugar, Vampire Dust) (Should be in leveled lists) (Invisibility/45sec, Fortify Sneak 15%/45sec)
Purple Doughnut (Sack of Flour, Moon Sugar, Lavender) (Should be in leveled lists) (Restore Stamina 40pt, Fortify Stamina 25pt/10 min, Fortify Stamina Regen 20%/10min)
Chocolate Bar (Jug of Milk) (Cure Disease, Restore Health 30pt, Restore Stamina 30pt, Restore Magicka 30pt)
Dark Chocolate Bar (Jug of Milk, Canis Root) (Fortify 1Handed 10%/5min, Fortify Destruction 10%/5min, Fortify Archery 10%/5min, Fortify 2Handed 10%/5min)
White Chocolate Bar (Jug of Milk, Bone Meal, Snowberry) (Resist Shock 10%/5min, Resist Fire 10%/5min, Resist Frost 10%/5min, Resist Magic 10%/5min)
Chocolate Chip Cookie (Makes 3) (Sack of Flour, Pine Thrush Egg, Chocolate Bar) (Fortify Illusion 20%/5min, Fortify Alteration 20%/5min)
Blackberry Tart (Sack of Flour, Lavander, 2 Purple Mountain Flower) (Fortify Stamina 50pt/2min, Fortify Block 20%/2min)

Extract the files to your data folder, ensuring that DeliciousCake.esp is checked in your mod-manager.
When updating, overwrite the .esp with the latest version.
The file is very large because I've included all the meshes and textures in this initial file. Further updates will probably just be .esp's.

Known Bugs
Some prices are wrong.

Future Plans
Add more food
Fix any bugs that arise
'Complex' Recipes
More leveled lists

Thank you and enjoy the game. Endorsements appreciated.