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Last updated at 3:03, 17 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 4:29, 9 Dec 2012

This armor "mash-up" replaces the default Nord Plate armor with a version that's a bit more form fitting, based on some of the beautifully rendered "skimpy" armors available here, on the Nexus. Since this is the "sister" to my "SleekSteelArmor," I thought I'd give her the family name.

I know it's not as interesting as the "sleeksteel" armor...but I was trying to be true to the idea of plate armor...And Uthgerd looks pretty good in it ;-)

Unlike my first mod, this one is a pretty straight forward affair...I'm trying to avoid all the "file confusion" I inflicted with the SleekSteel release...Sorry, again, for all that ;-)

As with the SleekSteel armors, I'll be releasing a stand-alone version of this one as well.

Since I use the textures in my own game, and have used the textures in most of my screen shots, I've also included a texture patch for the chainmesh bodysuit and skirt for users of CaBal's "aMidianBorn Steel Plate."

Just the UNP version for now...Both UNPB and CBBE versions are in the works...As far as BBP and Bodyslide versions go...I'd rather leave those to the folks with the REAL talent! ;-)

I've also just added an alternate version of the armor with the regular fur skirt from the classic armor.

SleekSteelPlate - Nordic Plate Replacer - WIP v1.0
This contains two versions of the armor: One with a full cuirass, and one with a shorter, cropped, cuirass. Since it's a replacer, you can only use one at a time.

SleekSteelPlate - Classic Skirt Version - WIP v1.0
This contains the same armors as the regular replacer, but with the classic fur skirt rather than the mini.

SleekSteelPlate - aMidianBorn Texture Patch
This replaces the textures of the chainmesh bodysuit and the skirt, to better match the AMB textures. You need to download CaBal120's texture replacer to get the full effect, or already have it installed.

Requirements for Replacer:
Dimonized UNP Female Body by Dimon99

Requirements for Texture Patch:
SleekSteelPlate - Nordic Plate Replacer
aMidianBorn Steel Plate by CaBal120

To Install the Replacer:
Drop the "Data" file into Your "Skyrim" directory, and overwrite the meshes when prompted.

To Install the Texture Patch:
After installing the main file, drop the "Data" file into your "Skyrim" directory, and overwrite the textues when prompted.

Credits & Acknoledgements:
Big Thanks To -
Mak07 for "Remodeled Armors for CBBE v3M"
asianboy345 for "Remodeled Armors for CBBE v3M by Mak07 - UNP Version"
Theminblack for "Theminblacks UNPB Armor Shop"
Nightasy for "UNP - Hmm What To Wear"
CaBal120 for "aMidianBorn Steel Plate v1"

I also want to single out Nightasy, ChronoTrigger77 and CaBal120, not only for the tips they've given me (and the permissions they've granted so I could "play with their stuff,") but also for all the great work that I've been able to study.

I also want to give a belated thanks to Xenius for the "XAC - Xenius Armor Compilation," and for planting the seed that led me to do this, and my previous mod. Poking about your meshes gave me more info than any wiki! Many thanks for the inspiration.

Of course, I have to thank The Nexus for the use of the room, and Bethesda for Skyrim itself.

And many, many, thanks to all the members of the community for your support!

I also have to thank Amber...She knows why...Even though she refers to Skyrim as "Sims-With-Swords."