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Followers will try to stay real close to you

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- This mod will make the followers try to stay close to your character.


- SKSE (I used version 1.06.05 not sure if it works with older or newer version).


I imagine some people prefer them to keep some distance from the player character but I like them to stay real close to mine. It is because every time I move out / in out of dungeons and buildings some of the followers does not seem to be able to find a way to keep up with you. This happens when you have more then 10 followers following you.

I looked for other mods to that lets me to keep them close to my character do this but I could not find one. So I learned some Skyrim scripting and made this mod to just keep them close.

There is a minor problem. Because they stay close to each other the chance of the melee combat follower group near the enemies getting many hits from the ranged weapon combat follower group is high. And the change of them fighting against each other is also high. Although it's kind of fun to watch them resolve their problems themselves. It can slow you down on the game play. If it happens, just cast the harmony spell to let them clam down.